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Clash of Clans UPDATE – NEW LEVELS!

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  1. Rly nice update: New defense Tournaments Tv-Clash New levels´╗┐

  2. this is why I hate clash´╗┐

  3. I think they should add bigger wars with like clan alliances so it would make the game a little more interesting´╗┐

  4. oh my acher tower lv 13 a´╗┐

  5. When I read the title without watching, I thought we were getting new goblin maps´╗┐

  6. Witch needa to be nerfed. they are low powered. Give us the old witches back´╗┐

  7. Do something about these air attacks ? They've already killed air attacks enough what possibly else can they do to nerf air geeze´╗┐

  8. Nerd bowlers and valks´╗┐

  9. are wicket gaming you brother´╗┐

  10. why are th8s upset over getting nothing its so easy to max´╗┐

  11. is the giant dabbing?´╗┐

  12. literally no one cares´╗┐

  13. 3 baby drags, 4 bombers, 22 valks has gotten me at least 75% (more 3 stars than less) on any T9 and most T10 bases…base defense doesn't matter for me lol´╗┐

  14. Always the top players that cry and say a certain troop is too "OP" then that troop gets nerfed! However, all of them use them in their attacks! Last troop balance was witches, now they are useless!´╗┐

  15. We need upgrades that take less time! Like if you agree!´╗┐

  16. We need a new lvl for barbs and archers´╗┐

  17. anyone remember when the bowlers were trash when they first came out?´╗┐

  18. boring and uncreative update!!!! more level more level more level! it's seems supercell want to make only more money!!!!´╗┐

  19. 2x damage to bowlers from wizard towers´╗┐

  20. I hate to say it but I feel like Clash is dead. Everyone is just playing Pokemon Go.´╗┐

  21. we want clan war tournaments in next update. come on supercell plzzzzzzz´╗┐

  22. Galadon, any idea what happened to pat? he hasn't uploaded in a while …´╗┐

  23. Haven't played this game since royale came out lol´╗┐

  24. bro clash of clans isn't that famous where I live either they are playing Pok├ęmon go or clash royale´╗┐

  25. a new dark spell : shiel like the warden but with not a op range of action´╗┐

  26. Im a little early can i make a joke? iLL try

    Clash of Clans´╗┐

  27. the new troops must be muskteer and lumberjack´╗┐

  28. I am happy that the Clash team is not really adding anything to Town Hall 9. Less stuff for my to upgrade!´╗┐

  29. Lvl 8 BARBS AND ARCHERS´╗┐

  30. gemming gemming gemming Galadon is comming´╗┐

  31. Well, I don't play coc anymore.´╗┐

  32. anyone else noticed 1 builder only´╗┐

  33. Instead of these new updates they should change up their many mistakes with Clash and then move forward.´╗┐

  34. i think that if heroes on upgrade at least they should be available for war.. because it is very..important for war because just don't play they goes for red shield which doesn't make enjoyment for those people it is very frustrating..plz put this in next update´╗┐