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Clash of Clans UPDATE = NEW Troop = Th8,th9,Th10,Th11 Strategic Effect

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  1. You sure lvl 4 inferno and mortar are th10?

  2. lvl 4 inferno must be in th 11
    th 10? really? supercell ?

  3. I love how he took the vids from pat and galadon ???

  4. lvl 4 infernos are for th11s only

  5. 🙂 new level gob!!

  6. Those bowlers look heavily Overpowered

  7. Will th9's be able to upgrade new stuff? (Like lvl 6 goblins)

  8. Are you sure there are more sneak peeks?

    About the valks: I think at th8/9 it will definitely be a buff because they are under heal most of the time anyway and the faster attack speed alone is a huge change.

    About the bowler: They seems very weak to me. Maybe you have to combine them with healers.

  9. first!

  10. so th9s dont get to use the new troop smhh sc's a mmg

  11. just saying 2nd so no bastard come and say 2nd ???