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Clash of Clans – Update NEW TROOPS LEAKED!? (Mini rant)

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  1. coc is now tooooooooooooooo booooooooooooring…….i was a fan now i am not

  2. How is using mods challenging? The reason they mod is mostly cause they cant do it normally.

  3. ITs the th8s attacking me all the time and I am a th7 and some th11s are attacking me

  4. good vid spencer! I like to see someone tell it like it is

  5. the spark was gone when supercell took out the shields no more farming base only hybrids and trophy bases

  6. Love the tshirt


  8. Spencer, you forgot 1 thing. The buggers, google wallet refunders or whatever theyre called right now.
    Theyre the one who destroyed the game.

  9. cheater, modding etc always killed a good game…have to stopped it right now !!!

  10. Too many "th 7" bases with infernos and eagle artillery, makes it impossible for us th 9 and below to get loot fast. I lost interested on CoC because its no fun waiting 2 hours for troops and spells to finish training then searching for 10 minutes for a base you can take on as a th 9.

  11. I complete agree with your stance on modding! Very well spoken and I think a lot of others feel the same way! Great Video Spencer!

  12. thumbs up for talking about mod…

  13. Spencer Supercell is trying really hard to ban modders but its really hard because Xmod is like a second app running on Clash of Clans. So the only way that Supercell could fix it its to do daily updates on COC so the mod developers could not create new mods so fast and it would ban the old mods.

  14. I agree :/

  15. Clash is no fun anymore i played for 2 years straight but now im tired of it, no new things just fucking upgrade ur th and just keep upgrading it :/ shifted to royale

  16. Thank you! Thank you very much Sir to telling the bitter truth. I think he's the only CoC Youtuber who says what other fears or avoids saying. Unfortunately I don't think Supercell will listen. And about that Clash Royale maxing accounts to get to the top – IT'S NOT UNFAIR, IT'S INSANE AND IT'S IDIOTIC. :v Spending thousands of dollars… lol…

  17. clash royal is a piece of shit

  18. I think there's always going to be ideas of clash royale troops coming into clash of clans. personally, I'm not buying all of it myself. it would be cute to have mini pekkas or mini dragons but I don't know. it would obsolete one of the troops. there wont be any reason to build an army of mini dragons and full dragons, or mini pekkas and full pekkas. I think clash royale is great because you can attack your clanmates. ive always wanted that in clash of clans. allow you to attack your teammates without taking their loot. it would waste your troops, but it would be great to settle arguments or just to have fun.

  19. Rocket? Suicide bomber?

  20. I also hate modding clans, but i think that supercell likes them. They keep the Game going by inventing new strategies such as queen walk or all the hybrids attacks for 3 stars. It' very annoying but they dont dare banning them

  21. hand up spencer
    I play coc because of clan war only loosing against modders make me helpless :(

  22. When does the update Come out

  23. i do not have time to attack all the time due to school. so i use a bot. but it only attacks dead bases so playing people do not have anyrhing to complain about.

  24. I agree the modders need to fix up and there also need some updater for th9- lower town halls are getting boored out there!

  25. Can you post video on level 11 clan type Brutus it is now level 11

  26. Spencer finally got the balls to speak his mind about supercell lol this must really mean clash is dead lol

  27. None of this shit your talking about going to bring coc back from the dead … People been talking about this update forever when is it comming out ?? … July? August? Lol fuck this game they mines well just stop they keep adding in stupid shit making the game worse lol

  28. your thumbnail LOL….!!!

  29. Love your videos mate! I have a problem and maybe you or one of your viewers could point me in the direction to solve this problem I have. Recently, in the 2nd clan that we are running, we had assigned a clan mate temporary leader status as i am the leader of the second clan. I had to assign a leader as my mini went to the main clan for a big war.

    Turns out the person who I appointed leader ended up assigning leader to a clanmate who has been missing in action for a few weeks now & we cannot get a hold of that person so that they can assign leader back to me.

    Can supercell help here? I need leader title back so I can start demoting players who were wrongfully made Co without earning it.

  30. modders should be banned forever.

  31. I can't agree with you more on modding.

  32. 1:57 I Wish The "Mini" Pekka Is gonna Be that Big XD

  33. Team Spenser I think your right 2 types of war modding and none modding

  34. super end …

  35. totally agree with you Spencer, I love this game, but it just feels like it's on its way to a major decline

  36. bcoz of clash roYale coc is going down

  37. It's not a troop from royale, Jonas said it was inspired by a troop that was in the ALPHA version of royale, so no one has seen it.

  38. Looking for Supercell commenting " Take down this video "

  39. +1 on the separate server for modders and fp clans

  40. about time you spoke up, well done :)

  41. Just split the fairplay people from the modders, and if modders are caught in a fairplay War – the penalty should be severe…14 day ban minimum.

  42. thanks for the real talk spencer

  43. I agree so much with you. Since my clan got to level 10 we just kind of play and is kind of boring. Most of us are more active in clash royals now. It's no fun to go to war against a clan that mods all our top bases so they better is that