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Clash Of Clans UPDATE Q&A on Friendly Challenge, Clone & Skeleton Spells!

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  1. Ok… Here's a problem… Suppose my clan mate challenges me… I scout his base… Decide my stratergy… And start cooking…. 1/2 hr later req is gone (someone else attacks) and clan mate is offline too… So waste of troops… How about everybody decides what base they have to test… and that base is available in player's profile to attack… Others can attack it as much as they want… The results will be posted in clan chat… And also defenders challenge log (suppose)…
    and as the last question u answered… we can have zero training time but troop cost or zero cost but the training time… For the friendly challenge…

  2. did he said how many Eagle artilleries??

  3. I have yet another set of questions about miners…

    How will miners act on defense? They always have that royal cloak-like ability… Assume that you lured out the cc miners and have 10 or 15 archers to attack the miners. Since they have that digging ability (which makes them become invincible and untargetable), how will the archers even aim at the miners properly? The archers will retarget to another building before miner even shows up.

    The miners will first kill an archer, then dig (becoming invincible), kill another, dig again, kill yet another one and so on. How can we even attack it properly?

    Also, if you can, show us a replay with defensive cc miners?

    Also, can the miner be affected by poison spell (when digging)? Hoping it can…..

    It can be pretty annoying to deal with at th7 and th8 if they have cc miners (especially when we use giants to farm).

  4. Ya

  5. Man you are much more detailed about this update unlike godson or chief pat who just show us the troops and deploy them on an attack. Shitty content. Thanks for the info Ash.

  6. I have a proposal: Supercell should add a 'copy-base' button (like in royale, copy-deck). It would help a lot when trying to improve attacks that failed before in the war.

  7. Great vid man. Super explanatory and answered a lot of my questions. Awesome youtuber.

  8. what about 36 hours and 12 hour prep day?

  9. Lvl 4 bowlers???

  10. Does everyone get a turn at friendly challenge or does it go away once 1 person accepts it? It would be annoying if you spent 5 min scouting a base only to have someone else attack it before you. Also an idea: why not add a new tab for friendly challenges since if you're in an active clan the replay or challenge might go away quickly.

  11. Ash, I have a question:

    Now that people can see our war logs (if we allow them; assuming we are allowing them), can they scout our war bases through war logs now that they can't directly scout during prep. day? btw my clanmates won't change their bases war-to-war.

  12. how do the miners work in defense?

  13. When witches gained popularity because of trap triggering, they said: skeleton spawned by witches now won't trigger traps.
    When skeleton spell saw it's greatness, they'll say, skeletons won't trigger cc.

    So, what the heck is the use of a skeleton if it is good for nothing…… ( I know that this is a good replacement to zap-quake but air troops are popular only at th7 and th8 but this spell is unlocked at th9. So, it isn't even viable.)

  14. I believe in the clan setting you should be able to disable friendly challenges and keep prep day. and for this to not be abused, let it only be changed during non war time. just a thought for those who prefer regular prep day

  15. how many exilir need to upgrading barrack level 11 and 12 ?

  16. use skeleton spell to take down skeleton traps in hog attacks

  17. 48th!!!!!!!!

  18. Ash can you ask them to have a cloud that's ok for night viewing? The bright white clouds are not good in dim light due to the contrast with normal play screen.

  19. the best question is why u r awesome?

  20. thanks to all that gave me advice on lower lvl heros, Ash love the videos keep killing it

  21. do you have to train and wait for troops to be trained?

  22. Another question. What if the clone spell is level 1 and the troop that passes it first is a lava hound then a balloon, will it ignore the lava hound and just clone the balloons? Because you only tested level 4 clone spells. I think I already know the answer but a confirmation would be great.

    Also, please correct me if I'm wrong. I posted this in your baby dragon sneak peak video and I just kinda want a confirmation if I'm right. Because how you explain how the clone spell works is different in my understanding on how it works.

    I think the clone spell works like, regardless of the order how you drop the troops, it'll clone the troop you drop the earliest that passes the spell circle first. I mean, for example, you dropped a hog, valk, and wizard but only the valk and wizards passes trough the spell, the first one that will be cloned is the valk then the wizard. Not the first troop you drop the entire attack.

  23. will skeleton spell defuse giant bombs??

  24. I'm gonna need an iPad because in my iPhone the screen isn't big enough for all tha new tactics are gonna be with the skeleton spell. Great vid Ash! Keep the good job


  26. use the skellies to kill the cc, after the cc has been lured

  27. anyone has seen or not has wizard towers attacking graphical changed lvl1