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Clash Of Clans | Update Reaction | BEST / WORST

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  1. They didn't really add much new. Kinda underwhelming if you ask me. I was expecting a friendly challenge overhall for sure

  2. nice video wish mine could be as good as yours

  3. i think the gemming troops thing is fine now because troop training time has been reduced by a ton

  4. Just think… Miners are underground and have been killed off, but when witches summon skeles they come from… UNDERGROUND?! Are witches summoning dead miners?

  5. Ash PD called, they want your buddy back

  6. 4 very disappointing

  7. the removal of the double dmg to hogs…. worst update ever
    what do you think about that ash?

  8. this needs way more likes than it has, im super exited though abou the new meat to come. COC has always been my favorite game and always will be

  9. i like wathin ur vids ash ?

  10. the update has not made me to comeback to the game

  11. dont like it and the only reason for it again is yet again there is nothing really for th10 honestly its like we have been disowned

  12. remember when clash with ash made his own videos and they were worth watching now it's just let's have a guest and bore people to unsubscribe?

  13. I farm will a full gobelin army so the new cooking system is really not practical as I never use the same amount of gobelin per attack and I can't predict it. Also, I'm now not able to train dark troops while farming which sucks because I don't want to disturb my farming while donating dark troops to my clanmates. I'm definitely not a fan of the new system, the old one was OP. The new troops lvl whatever, it's only for TH 11 (bb drag and soso just used for funneling at TH 10). So yeah, basically, nothing interesting to me in this update.

  14. Personally I rate the update as a solid 8 out of 10. As a close to max 10 it was super frustrating to see an 11 simply drop 40+ miners on my base with no skill and get 3*. Seems the gameplay is going back to multi phase attacks and to me, that is what makes the game challenging and fun.

    My only issue is this- Now that 11's have such beefy defenses it's VERY hard to get a solid 2*. All depends on their layout. With this in mind, I would LOVE if 10's would get the Warden to 5. If SC doesn't want to do this, then they really need to fix matchmaking/engineered bases. Pulling 11's in war when you don't have any yourself creates a HUGE advantage for the other side. Again, with the added defenses at 11, its time for 10's to get the Warden to 5

  15. Hi There, Ash Plz we need some more info on how clan xp works
    SC said "tougher targets have more xp like 10" i dont get that
    now i saw ur video u have 354 xp for war win and all targets destroyed
    but we have like 230 thats insane amount of xp… plz if anyone have any info on have new war xp works plz tell me

  16. no one makes more helpfull content than u ash! keep it up :)

  17. ash plz reply to this
    do u think boner as th11 still work to 3* on th10?
    like we used to do before to clear th10's ?

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  19. i watched 38 mins and still dont know what the miner "glitch" specificly was. all i know is that you +clash with ash dont like it and crips do like it. :/

  20. Great video as always ash! But you didn't discuss at all what i think could be a huge meta changer…..the skeleton spell. What do you think about it?

  21. the only thing I don't like is the "special one time offer packs" I personally think that those only work in clash royale

  22. Im glad I got my king and queen maxed, can farm way better and can be in wars way more often. Kinda bumbed about the miner nerf :p Maybe lvl 6 dragons will be the next big thing.

  23. Hi Ash! been a follow from ur first month… I have a question: Have .5s been nerfed in this update? We're 10 th9.5s and matched 10 max th10s

  24. Ash when donating a troop that you have in your barracks that troop will be the one to be produced and not the first troop if you didnt know because it sounded like you did not

  25. I think for this update….too many for TH11 and too little for TH10.

  26. MINER BUG FIXED = MINER RIP what a joke? haha haha.
    I am okay BUT I hate it because I am going to maxed it in 4 days!!!!!!!!
    Its not fair!

  27. i disagree with allowing friendly wars during clan wars. it would allow players to copy enemy bases and "cheat" the system by dodging the locked base system.

  28. I dont think the bomb tower itself is strong but more the bomb when it gets destroyed
    It super effective against masses of troops

  29. Weren't the witches op because of the 5 tile range a while ago? I feel if the skeletons could trigger bombs, it wouldn't be op at all.

  30. I love the intro

  31. Hey ash can you plz checkout one of my latest video plz I just want to get some tips from you

  32. The miner nuff isn't good. You've got bigger defenses coming to take care of that. Now they're just another useless troop


  34. This channel is hrowing fast

  35. join my clan my clan name is "Awesome clan" and my profile name is "dspann_is_back2

  36. what if witches could trigger all traps except giant bombs

  37. the twitter comment about train ur last army at 35 min – the preset army assumes a full camp, what the guy was suggesting was a preset that has only troops used, so u dont have to go in and tweak all the time the remaining troops and spells you had left over. i love that idea personally.

  38. Is there a new strategy has come after the update. Plz if so would really appreciate a video on this channel first

  39. ??

  40. ash can i join your red elite ? u can check me in a lvl 9 clan the prowler my name is Emp.IshAan if u think my stars are low that is because i don't war much and if u think my heroes are low can i upgrade them in your clan ?