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Clash of Clans UPDATE Sneak Peek! ♦ NEW Troop Levels! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. GoVaLo

  2. so now I would be needing to place some troops to make the cc troops engaged and not run away from poison???but here's the thing why don't I place a little more troops and kill those troops with them instead of a placing a poison…………. yeah now the poison is a waste too!!!!

  3. are all these new troop levels for town hall 11 only or start at 10?

  4. New Troop CONFIRMED!

  5. RIP poison spell, now you're completely useless.

  6. On the test raid with all of the troops the dark barracks looks different

  7. 2:42 Lol you had better

  8. well they made the poison spell useless now

  9. 03:40 It will be a new dark baracks?

  10. thanks galadon for having an extra sneak peek in one video about the new dark barracks and new dark troops

  11. That valkires looks like a hunch back. I don't like it

  12. looks awesome but they killed my beloved hogs with giant bombs.

  13. galadon whats up with the new dark barracks?

  14. But you can lure the troop to the poison spell by letting your troop in the poison spell

  15. thanks for showing us the level 7 barracks again!

  16. Are they going to ha e sneek peek for clash royale?

  17. hey ! i see new level of dark barracks! new troop

  18. new Air Defense lvl!

  19. What if we use the poison spell when the clan castle troop starts to attack the attacking troops, will the clan castle troop run and escape or keep attacking the troops?

  20. Another update for town hall 10 -11 ..

  21. New troops and air def lvl yey

  22. I dont like the new poison spell

  23. when is the updte

  24. let me think of the Joke

    Poison Spell

  25. then that means poison spell is now useless

  26. the most exciting stuff is just around the corner hmm new troops i saw that dark barracks change on that attack

  27. no comment on the new dark barracks lvl?