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Clash of Clans UPDATE SNEAK PEEK! Loot / Eagle Changes!

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  1. servant wait for this update!

  2. when will supercell solve the th8 elixir problem?

  3. Hey Supercell, make the treasury so we can collect loots one by one, rather than collecting it all

  4. Don't add a third defense for th 7

  5. why 3rd air defense for th7?

  6. Me too I found ode ???

  7. fleeing troops trying to save themselves eh? thn cn we expect survivor troop return?

  8. lvl 4 pekkas for th9….please

  9. I'm back to getting millions of loot… If this change ruins it again I'm done ;~;

  10. Sounds good

  11. th7 war clans Dead! silly! savage seven not gunna be happy…

  12. oh that's cool they added thing for the low th levels. but o.p

  13. galadon you sured have 2 mil sub's

  14. I think it should be 2x instead of 3x makes more sense

  15. Let's see what Peter$17 thinks of the loot cart!

  16. rip th 6 7 hahahaha

  17. Fare you kidding?????3rd ad for th 7! What the heck supercell! That's not right.??

  18. Well, this is rare tht they bring any changes for lower townhalls, and always the changes make the game more difficult.. ps. im not a th 7 noon though, im not!

  19. Will there be 4 Air Defenses at TH8?

  20. he said that he will never see that much loot again…that's his base that has 2.4 MIL loot

  21. did supercell think a lot cart (aka the swag wagon) would bring more strategy into the game like they wanted

  22. i love it,beacuse im just upgreading to town hall 7

  23. th7: Wtf now I can't win against people with drag attacks. QQ

    ME: stfu

    Th7 war attackswar completely unbalanced. Any drag attack was an instant 3* against th7. There was absolutely no way to counter it successfully. Now they've given you all a fighting chance so your base isn't obliterated during the firat attack. And if drags don't work anymore, that's your problem. Just using mass drags for a 3* isn't tactical at all.

  24. galadon where is my gem bonus i am still waiting .

  25. the last time I came this early I lost my girlfriend

  26. まじか!

  27. When it's comming ??

  28. I'm finding HUUUGE amounts of loot in gold !

  29. RIP mass drag attacks at th7 for wars

  30. 2nd air def at th6… I am upgrading to th7 right now ? i need to uprgade 2 at the same time now :(

  31. Will the eagle have its own sound now??? It's pretty damn lazy to have it sound like a cannon