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Clash of Clans | UPDATE – VALKYRIE Attack “Strategy” – My Thoughts + Little Rage

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  1. Stop hating pussy ass no life nigga

  2. It's going to get to point to where you can't 3 star shit regardless of how good attacker you may be! Funny to see how supercell suckered a bunch of useful idiots to upgrade their Valks only to see them nerfed only 48 hours later! Money grab lol!! Game is dieing and supercell is trying to get what they can get before people finally shit can the game for good:-)

  3. awesome awesome , i will upgrade it tomorrow and geme it after watching this video ?

  4. Uppasitko goblinit :D

  5. Valks with the Pekka attacks that you do is really good. I replace two of the Pekka and the valks clear the sides really fast and you can steam roll the mid

  6. I love how you put "strategy" in " 😀 and SC sucks with this updates I absolutely agree with you… those spam op troops attacks suck

  7. First you tuber not suckin sc cock. Good.

  8. so in some minths and after people has spent tons of money upgrading valks they will nerf them cz theyre op.

  9. feeeeeel the swaaaaaag

  10. good