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Clash Of Clans Update: WEIGHTS & UPGRADE ORDER!

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  1. The wall weight per of +200 per level, that is for all my walls upgraded right? If I upgrade all my 225 walls one level. will I get weight increase of +200 or +45000? +200 right?

  2. why miner nerf and defense buff doesn't make sense

  3. not sure where they get offensive weight or if these guys just randomly make up numbers. But they are wrong if they haven't updated the entire site since the update.

    My weight was 62,000 before the update and now it is only 60,000. our top TH9 was 67,000 and now it is 65,000.

  4. Honestly I think everyone is going to end up loving this new army interface. It's so much more efficient, but the only reason people are getting upset at first is its going to take a week to get used to it. That's my take

  5. unable to send friend request …?

  6. Quick train is so bad

    Only one barrack spawing troops at a time Instead of four such a waste thing it doesnt make much difference

  7. hey ash when i sent u a friend reqest it says your friend has too many requests please clear them and accept mine

  8. Hate it so far at first glance.

  9. Ребят, оцените пожалуйста видосики, может кого заинтересует.
    Простите за спам)
    Желаю вам всего наилучшего;)

  10. new intro!!!!!

  11. Ash are witches viable again lol?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  12. Troop training actually take a lil longer for my army not a huge deal to me tho

  13. 2/2 so far with gowipe. 3 starring th10s with gowipe. Only lvl3 pekkas. Seems pretty op right now. Lmk what how it is for u guys.

  14. Superfinch is actually a friend of mine, and confirmed for us today when the update dropped that miners had been tweaked behind the scenes. reason they were unused in the ground v air tourney.

  15. I'm a new th10. worked butt off to upgrade miners early (i don't gem much)
    . think update is a definite Nerf to miners. frustrating. getting tired of this stuff from sc. they should have announced it. love the channel tho!

  16. They turned 6 barracks into just 1. Yeah, great job for [email protected] it up supercell.

  17. Too many pending friend requests… You broke the game

  18. Who the hell cares about weights? Like what the fuck, how does that even influence the game? Jesus.

  19. happy birthday ash!

  20. LOL I can't send a friend request because your always full! ?????

  21. Guys plz go check out my clash of clans videos

  22. the walls have so much Weight…

  23. Hey ash or any sub can you help me? We have 6 people in our clan and I keep trying to start friendly wars 5v5 but it always says not enough eligible players and none of us have been in a war in 10 days please help

  24. Uninstalling Clash of Clans. Goodbye

  25. I actually really like what they did with this update. My only complaint is the fact I'm forced to use more gems 🙁 Previously I'd use 20 gems to boost 4 barracks but now it is charging me 10 extra. Not a big deal but it is annoying when trying to not spend so many gems.

  26. Cool. You had 14M gold in your 10M gold storages.