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Clash Of Clans: Updated TH9 Beginner Three Star Attack Strategy – PentaLoon/PentaLaLoon

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  4. Remember guys PentaLaLoon is mainly for newbie th9 bases! That's why this tutorial is called beginner's strat. Enjoy :)

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  8. -Lvl 6 BALOONS must have
    -Lvl 2 Hounds if there are ANY lvl 7 Air Defense
    -Lvl 5+ Archer Queen, if lower you may need to use your king as a tanker for the queen to finish off CC troops
    -Lvl 6 Clan Castle
    -Lvl 4+ Spells (Heal or Rage)
    -Lvl 1 or higher Dark Spells
    -220 Army Camp spaces

    Army Comps (What I recommend in order):

    5 Hounds, one Hound as max as possible in CC (Tankers)
    20 Balloons (To destroy defenses)
    3 Rage (To rage up the pups to kill the queen)
    2 Haste (Speed up Hounds & Loons)
    1 Poison from CC (Lower CC's health and power)

    5 Hounds, one Hound as max as possible in CC (Tankers)
    19 Balloons (To destroy defenses)
    5 Archers (To lure troops to the corner)
    1 Heal Spell (If Wizard Tower attacks the Loons)
    3 Rage Spells (Rage up the Pups to kill the Queen)
    2 Poison, one from CC (Use 2 Poison Spells directly on the CC

    5 Hounds, one Hound as max as possible in CC (Tankers)
    19 Balloons (To destroy defenses)
    5 Archers (To lure troops to the corner)
    Freeze Spell (To prevent an Air sweeper, Air Defense or Wiz Tower
    2 Rage Spells (To kill the Queen)
    2 Poison Spells (To destroy CC)
    4 Haste (To speed up troops, mainly hounds and loons)

    How to use PentaLoon
    1. Lure CC with a loon (use more if needed)
    2. Use your one Poison once CC is lured
    3. Use heros to anchor CC troops if they're alive and KILL THEM ALL!
    4. Locate the defender Queen and deploy 3 Hounds at the closest air defense towards the Queen. (When deploying hounds start off with the one in your CC then drop 2 Hounds behind it ;D
    5. Deploy 2 Loons on defense ON THE SAME SIDE THAT YOU DEPLOYED YOUR HOUNDS!
    6. Go to the other side (90 degrees) and deploy your 2 hounds make sure they both target the same Air Defense
    7. Deploy 2 Loons on each of the defenses ON THE SAME SIDE THAT THE SECOND GROUP OF HOUNDS WERE DEPLOYED! Be sure to save at least 2 loons for back end
    8. Use a Rage Spell on the Queen side so loons can accelerate and pups can kill the queen.
    9. Once queen is down place haste on the bigger group of loons so they can keep up with hounds
    10. Continue to use Haste and other spells to keep your loons up and pray xD

    -Go for bases with ground Xbows
    -Try to avoid Air Sweepers that blow opposite of each other
    -Go for TH9 bases with at least two lvl 6 or lower air defenses for a guaranteed three star
    -If the queen is extremely exposed use your barb king to suicide attack ;D
    -If the CC only has a hound lure it to the corner and don't kill it xD
    -If all hounds die and there are still Archer Towers left use the king to tank attacks from the Archer Towers
    -When placing the Rage Spells have them a bit behind the lavahound on the defender's Queen side so the pups can use the Rage Spell more efficiently + Loons can also benefit from those
    -If you still have loons near the end use them again Wizard Towers that haven't been destroyed.
    -Use haste mainly for loons (pups are fast enough while hounds can slowly tank up for loons)

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