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  1. lol,I re!her when you were under 5,000


  3. hey i think u should save your money for update, and really cant wait for update

  4. Do an all hero attack and use healers pis

  5. #Gem heroes to level 40

  6. i have not gotten any free gems because most of the offer apps dont work.?

  7. gem them to 25 plz gt

  8. Can't wait!!! love the videos

  9. Hi

  10. hi General Tony u love your base and I watch u most of your videos everyday and I was wondering if I could join your clan

  11. damn gems.. haha

  12. What's Tony's code on cash for apps?

  13. I absolutely cant wait for the update!

  14. Gem the heroes

  15. Damm tony back at it again with the great video

  16. good Job GT

  17. Please can i join your clan

  18. Damn, u guys should've left the likes at 69

  19. Tony do you know what th you can upgrade mortars at when the update comes??

  20. Gem to level 25

  21. Anyone wanna help my newly formed clan? Search up #P22RQPRC Come hang out with me and stay if you want!

  22. i thought the baby dragon could have been a new troop but of course im wrong

  23. GEMeral Tony

  24. I would gem them

  25. The cash for apps doesn't even work

  26. GT I want you to get your heroes to lvl 25,30,35 or 40 plz it will help your attacks

  27. When will the give away be man? But when the update comes out you should give out gems plz

  28. Great vid bro! Keep it up!Thanks for entertaining me!

  29. I miss old intro

  30. why does it take builders for the heros to sleep?

  31. hi how are you tony

  32. But gem them to level 26 or 25 if possible.

  33. And gem them to level 35 or 40. If you can clash of clans tony- general tony

  34. You know there may be a clash of clans coming update for clash of clans you know. Right??

  35. Do it!!

  36. GENERAL TONY do it?

  37. plz do the baby tony account

  38. what about the baby tony account

  39. Dude gem them

  40. gem em!

  41. gem em!

  42. GEM THE HEROES TO LVL 25 BEFORE THE UPDATE!!! Like if u agree plz, make this top comment ???

  43. Use my invite code: 5d2f24 to get free points on cash for apps :)

  44. #tonys sick

  45. hey GT can you guve a shout out to my clan Excalibur Kings
    #KingJario# is the leader that's me

  46. good video man

  47. Who likes the UPDATE ATE so far! like if u do

  48. shoutout plz ive watched u for a very long time and i am new clash utuber plz shoutout