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Clash Of Clans – UPGRADES ALMOST 100% COMPLETE! – Max Town Hall 11 Journey CoC 2016!

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  1. tony plz keep doing coc like u said ur the only one who really posts and without someone doing thst youtube would be alot boringer

  2. farm with witches

  3. Tbh if u just want loot then do gobs with some wb and rage with a heal or 2

  4. make the quin first to lvl 40

  5. try barbs and archers

  6. Baby dragon or bowler

  7. maxed out goblins

  8. HELLO TONY . I want to ask you if you heard about the legend of lava pup?

  9. Bowlers

  10. baby dragon

  11. I would use a miner

  12. goblins

  13. build af New base

  14. T.N.T guy was watching LOL

  15. hey tony r u on fb

  16. hey tony r u on fb

  17. titan 2??

  18. join our clan glory to god. and the leader is gods love we donate are active war a lot. snd friendly

  19. Anyone with a th9 account willing to give their account to me? please

  20. i wish i got a quarter every time he said were one of the last remain coc youtubers

  21. Valkyrie's

  22. me

  23. Tony, Im a max th 7 except for hogs… Should I upgrade my hogs and cancel my th-8 until my hogs are upgrade

  24. lovly

  25. Just in a min utes I got 99 999 GeEMssS on my account working method for unli mited G3Ems IS
    If you need my help LIKE THIS COM MENT and write down your USERNAME

  26. All healer army lol jkjk That'll be a nice troll lol

  27. Pekka

  28. me i want a max base

  29. I'm a new th9 I'm upgraded 39 walls in one day with archers

  30. 我

  31. miners

  32. who else hates that stupid verizon ad

  33. I want a max base :)

  34. golem+barbarian+witches

  35. th9 best attack gobitches

  36. GT please use garch goblins and arch it's really good

  37. Coooool