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Clash Of Clans – UPGRADING ALL MAX LVL 5 TRAPS!! vs. BOWLERS!! (Monie trap Defense)

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  1. Godson can you do a giveaway

  2. 1:32 when godson can't count lol

  3. Godson is life, probably my favourite YouTuber and I don't even play super cell games lol

  4. Godson you make some of the best videos on YouTube! ??

  5. Việt nam kì

  6. I love monie traps

  7. didn't he aready post a video like this

  8. What does a maxed th11 do?

  9. Watch out for Eragon

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  11. gimmeh yyaaaaahh

  12. what appwebsite do you use to edit your videos

  13. Why is the loot cart even a thing it's point less. I got 400k gold and loot cart only gives me 40k gold back ?

  14. This video wasn't really about spring traps or bowlers but it was still good

  15. ngm br

  16. Sub plz

  17. NOOOooooo!

  18. Wasup godson

  19. the intro is funny lol

  20. godson love your videos and im glad your not one of those cocky player's in clash of clans

  21. When will the next Failtage be?

  22. HIIII

  23. ??????

  24. undertale

  25. Can I get a yea!!!! Plz Godson

  26. Hope to hit 50k EPIC subscribers this year!

  27. *6 spring traps not 5

  28. That intro tho

  29. There's a reason Godson has so many subscribers. that reason is the first 10 seconds of his videos.

  30. Godson I never thougt that barbarian king can sing

  31. You made like 3 videos upgrading the spring traps WHY??