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  1. Hey ash i have like 60+ level 10 walls for th9 and getting really boring, is it worth to go th10 and be 9.5 and finish my walls up there?

  2. I was just thinking about it,I will be max th9 soon and I was thinking about going to th10 with just upgrading offence and then straight to th11 for warden….but was worried about farming….

  3. Hope we will get WARDEN for TH10.

  4. Hey Ash, I'm a maxed TH8. How to be a TH8.5? What should and shouldn't I buy? Can I get the extra air defense and tesla? Great content btw, very illuminating. Thank you!

  5. good vedio Ash btw i learned a lot from your vedios and i enjoy it too much i want your help please whats the best trophy range for th 10 and th 11 for normal players non trophy pushers players non gemmers after the update and what best armies ?

  6. Nice video ash, I will share your several .5 videos with my clan mates.

  7. Man what happened? Seen your 4 hr eligibility for war. Did you get booted for getting EA lol

  8. Ash, i have just ecounter your chanel, and i have to say i am soo inpressed. i love your channel, You are so amazing and i love how you just made me play Clash Royale, I started a clan its called Aegis O' Aeon .You lead me to playing clash royale and i love you for that, and you helped me with alot of decks, you have a sub here! More Clash Royale Videos plz !!! Thanks man :)

  9. is that the apex of doom?

  10. Hey Ash,
    My brother playing my old account and he has 25 king and 31 AQ. He is upgrading queen non-stop when ever he gets dark. Is he doing right? I am not playing but watching youtubers videos.

  11. great content man, keep the nice work

  12. Ash im almost max th9 i just need 50 walls and i have my heros to 21! i was thinking of jumping to th11! th10 doesnt seem to be competitive with th11 i see a lot of max th10 that cannot 2 star a th11! like th9 can 2 or 3 star a th10!

  13. I think the big gamble is if Supercell keeps the matchmaking like this. I have seen a lot of mismatches when adding too many rushed th9s to clean up th8s in my clan with double zapquake and a hound in the cc or laloon. Matchmaking reacts very badly now to my defenseless account with low th9 offense that brings us about 3 to 4 more high th8s on the other side in exchange.
    So the big risk is that all the bases with th11 offense and th9 defense will be matched with mid th10s running anti 3 star bases and then you have a hard time 3 staring them while they can easily GoLaLoon with the extra 20 troop space, spell and hounds lvl3 and only upgrading your ad to lvl8 alone will not save you if you end up with 3 hounds on one ad.

  14. I got to give you props for getting above 4800. I pushed up to 4750 but just don't have the time to wait in the clouds that long. I'm thinking lower titan 2 or 3 might be the better spot for the border line serious clasher.

  15. I could see the developers saying "we never designed the game to be played with.5 so we are changing war weight so you must upgrade defense as the game is meant to progress". Humm the like farmers everyone will be upset. Great videos keep it going.

  16. Nice vid ash!

  17. Great vid ash… Let me preface this by saying I'm aware that you have a strong feeling that clash tournaments are coming in 2016, even if its a strong hopeful feeling. So my question would be how do you think SC will govern the thX..5's for tournaments and do you think that by possibly going the thX.5 route could it possibly eliminate or impede your ability to compete in these tournaments.

  18. ive been thinking about rushing to 10.5 too since im near max 10 but after rushing from 9 to 10 last year and finally catching up i cant do it lol

  19. Thanks for the video I'm planing to be th 9.5 to you recommend me to upgrade straight to th11 ??

  20. ash i love your videos! quick question do you think the developers imagined a game where the town hall levels went 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8.5 9 9.5 and 11 just totally ignoring th10 for a year and skipping those upgrades?

  21. Not sure what a 9.5 is? Here is the recent video I made on the subject:

  22. @clashwithash god deng ash soo many vids today haha keep up the good work!

  23. Mongers lvl8. <Goose

  24. 1738th

  25. 3rd

  26. Thought you actually meant TH9. Oh well.

  27. i am totally considering this, since th10 is boring. but then it means no more live attacks episodes for th9 :

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