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Clash Of Clans – VALKYRIE POWER!! 3 STAR VICTORY!! (Legends gameplay)

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  1. كس امك

  2. WTF!!!!!

  3. Glad to see you've gotten back into Clash of Clans godson!

  4. pls no more clash of clans clash royale pls pls im so bored of clash !

  5. the Valkyries started from the bottom and now there here

  6. я руский

  7. I rus

  8. Awesome Gameplay! I did a tutorial for and against this valkyries. Keep up the good work! Liked & shared

    Valkyries are CRAZY

  9. if people keep posting stuff on YouTube about them, they are going to get nerfed!

  10. Lada sedan eggplant

  11. More

  12. ?

  13. that was the CLOSEST battle EVER haha

  14. hungary:)

  15. lavahounds are not pig they are hounds :P

  16. The top 2 best coc and cr youtubers

    2.general tony


  17. i don't know why eople say "hi" when they are early

  18. woooooooow

  19. Who's in his clash Royale clan can you invite me?

  20. godson what recorder you use

    replay or unsub

  21. Hey Godson, i am a th8 and i see your troop comps, but i have to wonder how they would work for town hall 8? For me that means no golem, any thoughts?

  22. why do u only make like 5 min vids

  23. Wow I literally just uploaded a mass valk video….copycat jk lol