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Clash of Clans – WACKY Warden – Strange Update A.I.!

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    what do you think about a troop that does % damage ?

    no i didn't watch the stream what so you mean XD

  2. how do you get coc to YouTube? email me natemosher45@gmail. com

  3. What I like abt the update: There's snow!!!

  4. I Love the 4:th x-bow

  5. Tyty for another great video…ty for YOUR time…..beginning to like the new update, finally….just climb…you'll find loot and bonus covered army needed to compete in that league…I've spent 10 and have taken the 1 gem boost right on up…understanding what the dev envisioned …keep them coming…tyty galadon

  6. Someone attacked me with Grand Warden and he out ranged my wizard towers and my teslas then i messaged coc support : Can Grand Warden out range teslas i even made a video about it and they send me back how to use him like wtf I'm th9 and i think that they can clearly see that and they send me how to use new hero idk should I cry or die from lol.

  7. I love the ability to attack while shielded, I have never had so much loot my builders are constantly busy as a TH9

  8. golems are stupid

  9. Great video ?

  10. if the warden is in air mode, does he still protect the ground troops?

  11. After killing farming galadon enjoying legend league….. Galadon u helped sc killing farming. Time for revenge by dislike every video…',,,,,,'!

  12. I am Champ 1 th8 and i Push to Titan pls help me for subs and likes:*

  13. who still hates the new update with farming basically gone ??? I know I don't like it

  14. i was complaining theres no loot :/ then i moved leagues found a ton crap of loot the issue at th8 is the th9 rapes

  15. Galadon's COC is the best COC. If I could, I would play with his COC.

  16. hi gal i was wondering if you could play btd battles….you would love it i know;)

  17. hi gal 😉 i was wondering

  18. why cant we complain??!!we hv right to complain we spent time with this game n time is money u know…

  19. Hm the best about the update? Maybe pretty much deleting dead bases even though they still exist? Making it so hard for a th9 to farm for heroes? And if making farming harder wasn't enough, let's also make war at th9 a fucking joke! It's become way too easy, as a 57k th8.5 I can take out some 68k th9! It's so insanely easy and most of the time doesn't take more than 10-20 minutes of planning, that's a farce

  20. Supercell promotes modding, the commercial with Koopa Troopa make it clear -_-