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Clash of Clans – War #1: Clashtronauts vs. CLAN69

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  1. 8-0

  2. 72-73 >:( a guy Steve FORGOT to put his th inside his base and he made us
    lose >:( the banhammers started swinging after that.

  3. what is a anti-hog base

  4. how do you forget troops lol xD

  5. 2-0 two fairly straightforward wins, but then again my clan has an average
    player level of 70 and most of us are TH8, so we’re definitely a lower
    level clan than what you would face.

  6. Can yall people join 2_12_5 PLEASE?

  7. 0-3 ._.

  8. nice

  9. Its Mojo here from CLAN69

  10. used GOWIPE and got 3 stars on one and 2 stars on another

  11. How does one go about making an anti-hog base?

  12. My first war was 32-0, The other clan didn’t even get one star, they tried
    raiding us 12 times but they all failed since we all had dragons to defend.

  13. A clan once got all 3 stars and max amount of stars you can get in total
    against us

  14. you know you can cancel the attack

  15. I just had the weirdest ad ever

  16. Dude how do u what is the recorder u use?

  17. Join my clan OcLO

  18. Why aren’t u in The clan YouTubeAllStars

  19. Dick move with the kicks lol. I would’ve understood if you didn’t make that
    mistake in your first raid haha

  20. If u accedentaly attacked just end the battle quick it wont loose ur attack

  21. If you really need gems, just go to:
    It always works for me…

  22. Our clan has town hall 5-9 and 2 town hall 10 and we paired up with a clan
    with 7 town hall 10 and the rest town hall 9 and 8, what the heck thats not
    equal in strength! We lost 22-94!

  23. 2-0

  24. hehe im in clan69