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  1. TRY the gowipe attack atta

  2. Can i join your clan?

  3. nice attacks. try other strategies too.

  4. Yess. More CoC vids bro. Ur getting better, keep it up.

  5. hi

  6. did you changed the clan description

  7. lava spirits

  8. lava pups

  9. how do u get invited to your clan

  10. Who else thinks that Atta gonna be a big Youtuber one day? I do! ?

  11. Yo Atta Can I Join I Use Both Attack And I'm Active


  13. I'm a new th8 but idk if u guys will reject me

  14. Atta you would probably not accept me I'm a th9 with lvl1 defences, but I have 351 war stars

  15. atta can I get a request from you plz because they rejected me plz and coc name is Ochoa

  16. love all these attacks ? it helps me attack better

  17. I have been rejected by your clanmates 3 times… Makes me sad.. LOL

  18. man JT rejected me when I tried joining

  19. lava pups*

  20. I don't think he knows Hghb

  21. JT rejected me 3 times lol

  22. I asked to join your clan. My username is Christology.

  23. love your videos and you no homo

  24. Hey atta just do a lava hound with balloons or some dragons behind it, preferably loons

  25. Those commentating skills!

  26. Good war Robert and ones that participated, can relate with the struggles of recruiting people that don't bother using theit war attacks alot lately. Either that or hoppers leaving right whrn war starts or aftet it ends. understand the annoyance and frustration. Good luck to the community in your clan growing.

  27. can u accept me in your clan

  28. good job

  29. atta i a th8 but Your clan keep reject me and i am strong mazie

  30. ur commentating got a lot better atta! keep it up!


  32. Who ever wants to join attas clan like this

  33. I want to join your clan

  34. Atta be trying to figure out our attack strategies. Lol

  35. hi atta, how are you today? ?

  36. Yeah! I was first in the video with my sloppy ass attack on number 2! ?????

  37. Dude atta this was SICK! Plz keep doing this series plz plz plz

  38. you guys are awesome. more videos

  39. Thx atta I like your coc videos

  40. To all the people trying to join the clan read our clan description i just made it to our requirements??