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Clash of Clans War Recap #116

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  1. I want to constantly upgrade my queen till she's max (she lv 18 rn) what do u recommend I use that isn't vry expensive, I'm using Giants and wiz rn but I keep running out of elixer real quick. I try using compositions with gobs or archers but archers always get wrecked by splash damage even with tanks and gobs get 1 shot by almost everything. Barbs are only good for barch.

  2. these updates always ruin your war recaps! lol

  3. Hey PB. TheVapistMU3star from kamcord. I had a couple questions I wanted your opinion on. what is a good way to reach you? whenever you have some free time. Know your a busy guy. can't find where to PM you.

  4. Nice video PB, you seem like a really cool quiet type of guy. All the best to you and the family for the holidays and the new year!

  5. The Arabic clan you are facing now is called "Iraq", the description says, only max th9 is minimum to accept, and the person must be 100% efficient in 3 staring a max th9 ..
    I'm Egyptian btw, Good luck ;)

  6. That first attack was ROYAL WITCHCRAFT. If you haven't checked galadon's video on that, its pretty cool. You can three star the right base with it

  7. Time to watch some attacks I wish I could do

  8. PB! Looks like Storm Factory learned from having you war with us… I'll be putting up our 1st PERFECT WAR Recap tomorrow 🙂 Keep it up, bud!

  9. powerbang can i join WHF rising?

  10. yo drew is the goat haahha

  11. Whats the difference from a "fair play clan" and a normal clan!

  12. And again sound quality from the 80's.

  13. Whats wrong with audio?

  14. Hey PB what do u think bout farming right now? I cant seem to find any loot a day after the update :(

  15. Bud its hard to even watch your videos because the game sucks so bad I can't even play. Hopefully they will change it, but I can't play all day long to not even profit on elixir. Just sucks

  16. Audio sounding funny pb

  17. you sound sick ope u get better

  18. Man what's up with the quality of the vids? It looks strange to me, maybe it's my computer but maybe it's on your side

  19. You sound really sick… Are you ok?

  20. Its a clan from Iraq
    And the one with hearts is a girl XD