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Clash of Clans War Recap #117

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  1. @PowerbangGaming my clan has been finding ourselves failing more on anti 2 star th9 bases, and it seems wars against anti 3 get cleaned up with no problems. Has your clan ever seen this happen? Also the same goes for th10: anti 2 bases are showing to be harder to 3 star than anti 3 bases. Keep up the good work bud.

  2. Do you have any war which has low lvl heroes? Like around lvl 10-15.

  3. great recap mate, keep it up!

  4. nice vid man…keep making more of these

  5. Another great video PB. With the extra time and dark spell th 9 just got a lot easier! No matter what base you built, in the cleanup it WILL go down!

  6. watching these has helped me master lavaloon :(coldblooded and shattered) to the point I three star almost every base I thank you, sir

  7. War recaps are my fav, cant wait for when ur th10

  8. clash of clans

  9. Nice!

  10. my clan one r last 11 war in arow an r last 2 wars were perfict wars. R clan is verry low levele and is looking to bulk r lineup. I was hopeing u could join my clan and do a spoitlite. my clan is called Squad clantag:#PQR9PYUL. im owen 2, owen,3 and owen 4. if u dont want to help r clan its ok. Keep makeig vids. Merry christmas

  11. Should I go to th10 when I get my queen to 20? I usually get at least 1 three star attack per war, my king is 20, my lab is maxed except for valkyries eq spell and lvl 6 lightning, and I have all lvl 9+ walls. Would it be impossible to 3 star people with lvl 20 heroes at th10? And would th10 be boring?

  12. hi im new to your channel enjoying it so far!, i am in a war and we were matched with higher players than us with th9.5 and th8.5 with high level heroes,is there anyway you can help me planning an attack ?

  13. A th11 not going for mass witch is a th11 without witch lvl3 XD
    hey pb we will have that 3 stars bible number 5 for xmas as a gift? XD

  14. Hey, I'm a mid th9 (lvl 104) with 17Q and 15K. I'm not saying im the best attacker, but I know how the 3* game works. I'm looking for a war clan that encourages 3* strategies (and fairplay ofc). Please reply if you belong to such a clan and are looking for more players (:

  15. Whichs the Best War Clan Family?Clashheads vs RWCS  vs OneHive…..?

  16. noticed Luke didn't even have all his spells, impressive!

  17. ahah I doubt that you will reply, but my clan is struggling I started it 3 months ago and it is getting hard to find members who will be active and stay around.. I'm not adking for you join but could you do an episode mentioning a couple of clans who are struggling? if you reply I will comment me clan tag ☺

  18. Wait until OneHive sees you now! Are you planning a rematch?

  19. YUS!!!!!!!!! Wake up, coffee, cereal (I'm on break, it's what grownups do), and WAR RECAP!!!!!! What is up with the gel on today? Special evening? Bow chicka wow wow! I want that headset by the way!!!!

    Edit – I also just realized I never placed my order on the clothes! 2 shirts were just sitting in my checkout as I waited endlessly to get them. Anyways, the 3 stars for the good guys shirt, and the eat sleep war shirt are officially ordered. I'm sorry I never got back to you on the autograph thing. I recently took my medical licensing exam so I was pretty swamped…. so much that even cut into my clash of clans youtube watching, so yeah, times were bad haha.

    But no worries. I'll try and get you to autograph something else. I have a pretty cool corner in my room with some autographed things from Larry Bird, Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and people like that who I thought were awesome back in the day, but haven't added anyone to it since college/ball/med school so you will be the first!!!! Idk about you, but i'm pumped about that haha.

  20. Nice war Power Bang! Today we reached 50 consecutive win Wars! :)