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Clash of Clans War Recap #118 – TH9s vs. TH11s?

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  1. Luke = MVP

  2. i use the double poison play when my queen is down/upgrading. Cause no one effectively can take down the defending cc than a queen. So i use 2x poison instead. XD


  4. Merry Christmas Powerbang 😀
    hope u do Rate my Base video 4 new TH11 update for TH9 I'll be really appreciated
    Thanks 4 ur efforts Bro

  5. ive been trying to join WHF Rising, i dont understand why im not getting accepted

  6. powerbang your contents are good u can probably do better if you can make your videos a bit shorter!!

  7. hey, the clan I'm in just recently started, and it would help if you guys here who know how to attack at th 6 and 7 would teach us how to war. We are Kaiser legion.

  8. Merry Christmas PB! Great video as always.

  9. Hey I just put in my application to WHF & Id like to include that my golems are currently upgrading to level 4

  10. All attacks were sweet but Luke's are the shiz. Nice vid and thanks for the help working on my hogs now.

  11. its pretty difficult to get such a mismatch :0 dont even know how supercell did this

  12. First of all nice vid Powerbang and Merry Christmas!!!

    Second, PB help us with this new update about this new farming strategies it's so hard to get loot. I was hoping you could find a way to design efficient armies for farming.

  13. yo man what happened to WHF RISING??!! I seen like only 11 members in there

  14. yo pb you probably already know this, but clash extends war matchup parameters every 3 minutes of matchmaking, so to get equal match ups my clan always cancels the search if we don't match before 6 minutes, works pretty well

  15. Merry Christmas PB

  16. GoVaHo w/ Queen Walk is something I need to learn!

  17. TH11 attacks are so dope! Merry Christmas PB!

  18. Merry Christmas powerbang!

  19. hey pb, I keep hearing tht 8.5s ruin arranged matches, what's ur opinion on the matter?

  20. I posted a picture of my th8.5 anti 3 on your Facebook page, can you check it out by any chance?