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Clash of Clans War Recap #120

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  1. e sotto si sente un canto
    "ma non avete chiuso neanche i muni 6"
    Fra caldans cantava…

    Nice war le pizze erano buone?

  2. how did u create your clan and make people join I just started a clan and am afraid to let people that can't 3 star in ..advice??

  3. Dude your awsome my clan isn't that good but we got tips from you're clan thanks

  4. I know it's a anti 3 star base but why do some of the bases have there town Hall near the outside, what's the point

  5. Why do you send hounds in so far away from the AD, like i the first attack you showed with walter

  6. WHF deserve a lvl10, in my opinion one of best eliteclan in clash

  7. 9:26 MVP king, lol

  8. i have a question , how u spot a penta lava loon base for attack in war?

  9. @powerbang, what level do my hero's need to be to get that deep penetration in on a base? I'm maxed TH9 With level 9 & 10 hero's…im noticing most of your guys have 20+ hero's.

  10. How we can do match making in war ?

  11. NYC video

  12. Why don't you keep your clan th9 only you would get max stars every war

  13. Hey PB, its EmPown/Tripl3 from Greco Xmas, good game guys you did great!

  14. Fake fp

  15. Modders

  16. those guys are op

  17. what does WHF stand for

  18. See you for our 200th war win PB! -Kvothe from LP3 Chiron

  19. Thank you powerbang for your videos! I have improved from a 2-star th9 attacker to a 3-star th9 attacker! Keep up the good videos!

  20. Could you possibly do a video on your favorite th 9 war bases?