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Clash of Clans War Recap #124 – Silver Warrior

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  1. Wow that's really surprising they didn't clean all your 9s. I guess it was a percent war at the end.

  2. Was that football reference aimed at the Seahawks in last years Super Bowl lol

  3. WHF vs OneHive; we all need to see this happen PB ;)

  4. Go Cardinals!

  5. Gl WHF! We just beat Reddit Omega and now we randomly matched you guys. Gonna be fun!


  6. hey i remember when we faced north rememebers!! LP4 Hades that is… they had much better heroes than us so you guys better get the win

  7. can any one help me with this doubt . can I do queenwalk goho with level 4 healers (obvious) and level 12 queen on a defence maxed th9 ?

  8. cant seem to find u on kamcord. what am i missing…. lol

  9. hey pb.. why dont you do an arranged war with BarbariaNParty of cam. Reply please :)

  10. the legend of the last wizard!

  11. pb! u the man…what's the wait time on clan spot lights?..something I'm I interested in the future

  12. just downloaded kamcord to watch the fight

  13. nice I've been waiting to see this war can't wait to see u guys go against north remembers try doing as much replays as possible please

  14. nice job winning this war! war matchups are pretty crazy right now we faced 12 th11s and had 4 on our side lol. and they were not rushed ones. great job whf for still winning!

  15. LoL.. Hero wizard. Nice video as always, keep it coming

  16. Just meet a th9 in CW im maxed th8 got my ass kicked, how to three star ?

  17. Hey Powerbang! Great recap, a pity supercell thought it to be a good idea to wipe out replays…

  18. PB you should set up an arranged war with OneHive. Jake can show OneHive attacks on his channel and you could show WHF attacks on your channel.

  19. Intro song? thx 4 a great channel!

  20. what do you think about using gowipe or gowiwi to 3* anti3* bases?

  21. Hey guys,
    I'm a max th8 ( th is going to 9) and i want to start my own war clan, non stop war . Of course only 3 star beast in the clan. So if you're intrested please leave a comment, then we can make a temporary clan.

  22. nice vid

  23. 03:38 Enemy Air Defense lol

  24. Hey PB, I have low level heros (lvl 10 BK lvl 8 AQ). I think my queen is to low lvl to use her for dark elixer farming. What army composition do you recommend me use for DE farming? Also, should I be prioritizing dark troops or heros at this point?

  25. 3rd. New Personal Record lol

  26. Queen walks are Bae <3 and that clutch wizard haha xD

  27. I'm here with no notific8ion where's my award