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Clash of Clans War Recap #130

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  1. My first succesfull hog raid was so exciting. I still remeber the excitement and nervousness of the attack. And the relief when the final defense went down and I knew I had the three star. I feel lucky that I found this channel before I ever did a GoWiPe. Never got into the rut, and getting the three star makes me question how a two star feels satisfying at all.

  2. can i do goho without queen walk? because i have queen only level 12 and healers level 3…

  3. Always a fan of the content, but it seems like your making an excuse not to go to th10. Taking a few lumps is part of process when upgrading the TH. Plus, TH 9 is the new TH 8….Easy. I don't mean to come off so negative, but honestly I'm not wrong. Maxed Th9 and been there over a year. The time is now.

  4. faced*

  5. pb have y'all face barbarian party?

  6. Thanks pb, good to be back!
    Good recap, nice choice of attacks.


  7. powerbang please upload some th10 content

  8. POWERBANG.I am at th 9(not rushed).I have level 11 queen. minimum queen level required for do quenn walk???or i can do it with level 11 queen. LOVE YOUR VIDS.KEEP IT UP

  9. Do you do th 8s in war or no

  10. Epic war recap! I love watching these break downs, I learn so much. I am a new town hall 7 with a level 3 king, and I really want to join a clan with a mentality for 3 stars and strategy like I see your clan do in these videos, but I have no idea how to find one. Do you have any advice on this topic that you could share Powerbang?

  11. powerbang please answer… what we should put first, royal clock ability or rage spell for archer queen walk if she is going down??? PLEASE answer powerbang…

  12. Hay PB, we dont see any town hall 8 recap for a long time.. Can you bring this again soon..

  13. Danny's hit on 21 was my plan? I just forgot my eq spell?

  14. you cant fool me danny mo. you are modding

  15. PB can u visit us Lv7 clan Wolves,we use 3* attacks and have almost every war a perfect war or close to perfect war ,yw

  16. more full recap please, all your WHF team attack is so beautifull to watch, so inspiring, the real "ART OF WAR" indeed… pure entertainment.. ? *dont worry the time, ill prepare my self a coffee and some snack like your suggestion.. :v

  17. powerbang, be honest with me. How nervous do you get before your war attacks? I am the leader of a clan with people that have high expectations for me, and I will occasionally have a fast beating heart and butterflies in my stomach before I attack. It's actually a real rush. It's funny how it turns into either euphoria or a mild depression depending on the outcome. Anyways, just wondering if you get nervous too. Great vids man! I tell every single person who joins my clan to watch your video on funneling, and many become subscribers after doing so. Keep it up, later!

  18. Can't you upgrade to th10 and don't upgrade any defences, especially xbow and inferno. Then just up your cc, army camp, troops and heroes. Once you have strong enough troops to be a menace to th10 then you upgrade your defences. Oh and while all that's happening put your gold into walls. This is what I've been told is the best way to go to a new townhall so wars aren't effected as much.

  19. that last base was a frog o.O

  20. Okay, maybe a little biased =D. Shoutout to grim for the drag raid plan. I just copied him and brought the right spells.

  21. how do you get 60fps on the game?

  22. yo pb whats the shipping costs to europe for ur stuff?

  23. nice war cap pb..just had my 1st successful aq walk on a maxed th9 with lvl 27 heros…whooping top base with my lvl21 aq..haha all thx to pb..thx Man..

  24. Hey Powerbang 🙂 Can u show more th9 air attacks. Btw Keep it up !!! Youre on ur path to Success:)!!!!

  25. Can you post a pic of you war log?

  26. Earliest I've ever come

  27. Pb can you show more th9 strays?