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Clash of Clans — War Recap — JTJ Main vs Iraq Monsters — 07/22/16

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  1. this is the 2nd video I've watched of yours since subscribing.

    I originally watched your video on 105 dragoon attack back when I was a TH7. "Translation: it's the heal not the rage." me and my sister say that to everyone in our clan using dragons.

    We recently started using a chat app for communication and I went back to your video and shared it with the clan. it's by far the best 105 dragoon video out there!

    pretty good 2 war recap videos as well, I look forward to the live stream.

  2. The troop and spell composition in attack number 1 seems a bit different from what I am using as a th10 with bowlers:
    .) I only do a bowler walk on one side and a qw on the other side.
    .) I dont use a golem, but use the king as tank instead.
    .) Instead of the second freeze I carry a heal instead.

    I am not a bowler expert (only have them at lvl2 since last week), so it would be interesting to hear your opinion on why to use a bowler walk vs. a queen walk.

  3. This white my clan ????????

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