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Clash of Clans — War Recap — JTJ Main vs noble hero — 07/01/16

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  1. tbh your the best coc youtuber to me. your active, love the website, and like your just freaking awesome. p.s when r u gonna do clash royale vids???

  2. Hey JTJ3 has a war with my clan Error 404 we're Venezuelan good luck To them

  3. Hey Runbuck….The second replay you showed featuring Slimshady.. You called it an "entry level th9."

    How the "F" is it possible…. for someone to have full lvl 9 walls + lots of lvl 10 walls, and then have only level 1 xbows… It's absolutely impossible, and I don't know how that could ever happen unless it was for modding… care to comment on that? maybe you can explain this logically?? impossible though… modding?

    modding, modding, modding… Everyone that used mods at ANY point in time in any capacity, should have their accounts removed from the game.

  4. Also, I think they turned to the archer tower because it was touching the wiz tower and the valks like to go somewhere they can do that double damage.

  5. Don't sell yourself short Buck! You're every bit as cool as Halligan? BTW our guy Nick was all sorts of fangirl when he realized he missed the match. Keep up the good work, and DM me if you have other OBS questions!

  6. Old school fan. Your old videos are what turned me on to strategy. I found ur channel and Jakes when i was a th7. Obviously, jakes never had much th7 content. Basically, u taught me how to funnel, tank, how to kill a cc, and all that good shit. So, thank you for that. Most in the war community seem to know ur name and give u credit to some extent.
    Ive got to say tho, im REALLY not digging these fast forward, on the fly replays. You are making commentary mistakes, and the fast forward stop bs makes it hard to really gain much from the video. I had started ur video, and decided i wanna start watching your videos again (i was watching ur CR videos when u first changed to RunBuckGaming, but u quickly started incorperating legendaries which i still dont have) but if this is a common theme i dont think i will be able to watch them. Hope to see more well thought out content as i check out ur playlist.