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Clash of Clans — War Recap — JTJ Main vs Sunnys Warriors — 07/03/16

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  1. Do you use a hd pvr to record or just bluestacks with screen recorder to record gameplay footage

  2. "Like a 50/50 pizza, ya got the sausage one side and the pepperoni on the other." John Maddenesque analysis right there!

  3. Great Recap @RunBuck We're certainly not an All-Star clan but thanks for the compliment. – Duke⚡️

  4. @RunBuck, all you had to do was dm me on Twitter, i would have told you the deal. All 30 Sunnys Warriors participants were Sunny Warriors/Cervaza members except for 2 Th10s that were gracious enough to fill in so we could match Meet the Kings, which obvious failed, lol. Loads of our members put heros down after this war. This certainly was not an "All Star Lineup".

    We had fun and give much respect to your clan !

    We'd definitely like to do it again, hmu.