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Clash of Clans — War Recap — JTJ Main vs The Moochers — 05/29/16

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  1. Ive sent a request requesting to be a affliation with JTJU but you guys havebt still replied ?, my email id is

  2. Very nice attacks, thanks RB! I really enjoy how you tell us WHY a person is attacking the way they are, for example creating a table. I notice this in all your videos. I watch a few of the top FP clans recaps and it's nothing but commentating on what the attacker is doing (which I can already see with my own eyes), but never WHY they are doing things. Keep up the great work man, and best of luck to JTJ!

  3. Great Video RunBuck! I am a th9 recently started a New war clan named #Trio. We are 5-0 in the log beating some lv 11 clans as a lv 2 clan. The clan became a success as well. About the bases you were talking in the War vs War Whlaes would you care to send me some good th9 anti 3 bases from that war ? My Band Name is : EzenXD . Good Luck on your Channel Sir.