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Clash of Clans — War Recap — JTJ Main vs War Whales — 05/26/16

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  1. Nice recap and attacks, thanks RB! I really want to start practicing in friendly challenges that HeVa attack you guys are doing so well.

  2. I love your channel runbuck! Are we going to see your analysis of attacks with music videos in the background like what you used to do? I was a massive fan of those

  3. Are you guys related to robert baratheon ?

  4. That's what I'm wondering about as well. I have 4 spring traps almost maxed, so it'll be great to have one of my friends test it out. I'll record the results and send it to you in Band. My name is Drome.

  5. You guys should have a lot more recognition.. my clan faced jtj3 maybe 1 year or so, and it was because of you guys that I found out about clashing in YouTube and 3start attacks.. learned a lot from your vids and found other great YouTubers in the process and now we are a really good national war clan.. keep up, you guys are great ;)

  6. This is great! We have one guy who's mastering that qw HeVa. He has 20/23 heroes and is doing pretty well. That's something I need to learn as well lol. Keep them coming!

  7. The result is wrong in the description lol

  8. Gonna watch this after work!!! Thanks!!