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Clash of Clans — War Recap — JTJ Main vs Z.Y.G.O — 05/27/16

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  1. RunBuck your content is great stuff, wasn't aware of your material until recently by a new member in one of my clans. Love to see some of your old style stuff make a comeback brother

  2. Btw on the last attack (hounds with drags) he could have taken out both lvl 6 air def (I didn't test lvl 7) at once with 3 lightning and a max quake.

  3. Nice job JTJ, I enjoyed the recap RB. Thanks!

  4. Hey man nice channel just subbed! I appreciate it when people put effort into their videos! 🙂 Ive got a shoutout competition going on for my 100 subscriber special where i will be picking up and coming channels to give shoutouts. To see how u can enter watch my latest video

  5. Side note, the CC's were empty — so it was 'wind assisted' perfect — LOL