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Clash of Clans War Search Changes in Coming Update

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  1. yes you are missing something here. Its your opinion 35/35 is the popular. But its not.

  2. Even if they spot 8.5s and 9.5s I have 21/24 with TH 8 defenses.

  3. overall this update won't be that great as it stands right now… too many flaws in it… 35 and 45 wars were popular in the prearranged area… hence why they were rid of.. the days of saying max your base and your good are over if you wanna war and do well.. now it's offense up and defense down… seems crazy.. better off telling my guys do th 9 7.0 and we're set…just shoot for offense and screw defense

  4. Hey Jake, I think there's a disconnect between you (representing the dedicated war community) and the rest of clashers who love wars, but aren't obsessive over them to the extent that you are. Almost all the clans I am affiliated with love to war and are fair play, and most of us are warring with 20-30 person rosters. Statically, your comment about 35 and 45 person wars being the most popular only applies to the dedicated war community, not the people that love war and love the game which is the vast majority of clashers.

  5. I can't say much on this Jake, as I don't war often, but I do know that the Devs need to allow us to use our heroes in war, even if they are upgrading. That is, personally, a must have inclusion in the next update.

  6. I usually like Jakes videos but this one he is to quick to assume he is the voice for the entire community. Also just because you may war at 35/45 doesn't mean it's the most popular. Only Supercell has access to the actual in game statistics and I trust they made this decision based on the numbers. Sometimes compromise has to be made and I think this is a good compromise. We don't even know all the details of the new system it may already take into account the 0.5s; they left out a lot of details. Also Jake please take a break from the complaining; it's starting to come off a whiny. We play this game and I watch your videos for the entertainment. Your attitude is becoming cancerous to the community; negativity is easy to spread. Try to stay as objective as possible; stick to facts and continue creating great videos. Be happy they are starting to listen and take steps in the right direction; I even read that trap data is no longer accessible as of today with their server maintenance. Modding is starting to take a hit which is excellent news.

  7. i was wondering what u thought about this update. i hope they listen to u jake cuz u make more sense

  8. here here Jake, supercell take note!

  9. I agree with Jake on removing 35/45 wars… It's stupid imagine it's u who has to sit out of a war and you are a maxed th9. What are you going to do for the 2 days you have to wait? You have nothing to upgrade so no point farming so what else are you going to do??

  10. Jake, I think there's a mention that they are going to incorporate something to catch the .5 bases when they talked of those bases that add inferno's, xbows in late game. My thinking is they will weight the actual TH level more highly too. So even if you have Th9 defenses only as Th10, you will still be weighted higher than a Th9.

    Also, in all fairness and please don't take this the wrong way as I've been a huge fan since day one, but I'm a bit shocked at your pessimism to the latest announcement. I understand where you are coming from feeling constantly burned in the past, but to me this seems like a real positive step by supercell to address 1 of the 2 biggest weaknesses in war. Matchmaking & cheating. The fact they are acknowledging the current matchmaking is not working and are focusing on fixing it is a good thing. The 35/45 complaint is just an annoyance that we will all eventually not notice. If they started war from day one with only increments of 10, no one would have even thought anything of it.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  11. This will just make war search even faster jake

  12. Jake, what are you basing the claim of 35 and 45 being the most popular sizes of wars on? I'd venture that SC wouldn't remove the most popular given their metrics.

  13. is FYSB a modding clan now? because it sounded kind of weird how he said it lol

  14. Hopefully with them matching winning streak clans vs each other modding clans will face each other more often until (fingers crossed) they are banned from ruining the game.

  15. what we really need is some sort of actual competitive mode that has standardized war weights. that way there's no bad matchups there's no unfairness everybody has the exact same number of troops and defenses at their disposal at each level of the war.

  16. Here's my solution to war weight: Have a separate weight for offense and defense. Use the difference between those two weights as a multiplier of overall weight.

    For example. Base A has an offensive rank of 30 (based on troop upgrades, spells, camps, heroes) and a defensive rank of 30 (based on walls, traps, defensive structures, heroes). This base has a total weight of 60.

    Base B has an offensive rank of 35, and a defensive rank of 25. That difference of 10 can act as some sort of multiplier on the total weight, in this case 60. If you were to use that as a multiplier of 10%, this base would now have a weight of 66. The total weight if you were to add them up is the same as Base A, but because their is such a discrepancy between offense and defense, the weight is higher.

    This would encourage people to keep a balance between offense and defense.

  17. I didn't watch the video yet but i think removing 35/45 match ups (sorry idk what glitch this is it just happens whenever I type ups) will make it very hard to do arranged wars.

  18. My "start war" still shows 35 available?

  19. Tbh the best wars are 10v10. U never match up with modders

  20. I disagree with your oppinion about the warsize. A lot of clans dont war in those sizes. But nice video jake?

  21. War against Titan's Kingdom, They are a pro war clan 43 wins-0 Wins!!!! If u do say Angel told u about them k thanks??Hope We war against you #fairplay clan

  22. jake, i don't agree with you. oh is such a huge family of clans. you can easily arrange 40 or 50player matches

  23. idk if you watched galadon's video about this but he put a comment on it saying he had information that SC was going to do something about modding

  24. SC get rid of stupid x mod please

  25. I love this idea n Jake ur the man but stop talking down to the development staff if u want to b involved with them only way is to kiss ass lol

  26. Jake they remove 35 and 45 so it doesn't take too long to find a match, because matchups will be much more even now.

  27. I think its terrible coincidence that a day after devs letter, they are advertising Clash Royal through the game. To me that means the coming update will be a gloss over with most of SC efforts going toward the launch of their new game.

  28. Supercell again wrecking Clash of Clans . Good videos Jake