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Clash of Clans: [WAR] TH10 Laboratory Research Guide (September 2016) ULTIMATE!!!

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  1. Very good video ! Keep up the good work klaus

  2. should be higher

  3. what about wizards?

  4. I don't think you have got this quite right. Valks (govaho, mass valk) are old school now they aren't current meta. Bowlers are.

  5. witch sucks, should be last unless its buffed again

  6. good guide … forgot the witch?

  7. If u subscribe to me I'll subscribe back

  8. Make th10 farming lab priority list please.

  9. Do a TH10 Farming Guide as well! You have amazing strategy guides! Very helpful and informative! :)

  10. Hey Klaus, great vid. I´m maxing my royals soon and also should hit TH 10 shortly. I don´t know if any further nerfs will hit miners in the next update but waroriented wouldn´t it be better to update miner prior to freeze? Miner 2 tottally destroy TH9s and can also wreck havoc to early TH10s without any needs of freeze from what I´ve seen around, specially if it´s infernos 1 or 2 which is what a TH 9.5 would face in war.

  11. yes yes for farming also Plz…m gonna hit th 10 very soon. u rock dude..

  12. Hey Klaus !

  13. Hi

  14. video have no sync?

  15. zdarova