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Clash of Clans: [WAR] TH9 Laboratory Research Guide (September 2016) ULTIMATE!!!

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  1. naic work

  2. I think your recommendations are spot on. The significant upgrade on giants from lv5 to 6 is a no brainier for #1. Valks in my opinion are typically undervalued at TH9 so I totally agree at #4 for GoVaHo. Utilizing a lv4 valk with maxed healing spells are huge if used correctly with hogs :)

  3. I tell my clan to always to do the dragons and quake first, as a 8.5 , it helps a ton for a couple reason. zap quake is good for a new townhall 9 in war, taking out maxed townhall 8s and weak townhall 9s. also it's good to be able to donate maxed dragons to war cc, just my opinion and what I tell my clan

  4. Klaus i could'nt find your clan can u send me the # please am a th8 almost maxed

  5. I wish I've seen this 6 months ago, my troops level are chaos

  6. +Klaus Gaming just please tell me what happening in knight of Zion clan I have sent a request and no one accepted me or declined me
    Is the clan dead ?

  7. Nice video but I dont agree that drags are not powerful at th9.If the base has both xbows set to ground you can zapquake 2 air defs and send in 2 lavas (1 in cc) and 9 drags 2 loons and you can 3* it.Im a th10 and I used this strat on the right kind of bases.

  8. omg thanks dude i just got my th9 this will help alot

  9. Good guide. I don't remember what order I upgraded my troops when I hit TH9, because I upgraded to TH9 in January 2015. What I do remember is I upgraded my balloons first. The reason is because I was the only TH9 in my clan, and there were a bunch of TH7s and TH8s. This was before the air sweeper and clan perks that upgraded troops upon donation. Therefore I was the only one who could donate level 6 balloons. Mass dragon attacks were super easy for those levels and I did that one for the clan. Shortly after that I found the quatro and penta lavaloon strategies so it worked out great. One of the last troops I upgraded was the valkyrie, because that was pre-buff. I eventually found a use for them. I loved it when bases had all their air defenses in the core. I funneled valkyries into the middle and wrecked the air defenses then finished off with balloons. One thing I dislike about the update to valkyries is their voice. They have a higher pitch voice now and I don't like it.

  10. I use govawi as a townhall 8 and I 3 star my mirror and the townhall 9 that's above me

  11. +klaus gaming
    hello what's up
    1- I whould like to thank you for your great effort
    2- Is this guide apply to th8.5
    3- Do you have explanations for all th9 war attack strateges in the channel because i am waek in wars also i am a new subscriber
    4- For how long should i stay in th8.5

  12. Only youtuber who doesn't forgot about TH9 and below and feed us vital information and tricks … KLAUS! Liked

  13. So everyone's reminding me that I forgot the haste spell, but it's really not a very important upgrade so it's all good. Just throw it in behind the rest of the air attack upgrades like the lava hound and balloons.

  14. haste?

  15. Haste spell missing

  16. Great vid Klaus, am looking at going to th9 with just my 127 walls to go. This has helped but I wish I could go th9 now?

  17. How can I join KOZ clan?

  18. you're awesome man!!!

  19. Klaus make a time lapse of you base!!!!!

  20. Hey Klaus my upgrade order going into th 9 giants(farming), I did goblins 2nd around that time goblin Knife came out on jo channel so I gemmed them, and then I put hogs under, heal, jump golems to lvl 3, valks to lvl 4 and then golem to lvl 4 if I could go back I would take valks to lvl 4 they are way worth it then I did hounds all the while pushing queen to lvl 18 with goblin Knife :)

  21. Do a Strategy for DE Farming (:

  22. I come to know your channel by Judo Sloth I think You should Make Video for him also

  23. I am bit confuse which should I upgrade first giant or balloon as other channel choose baloon

  24. Hi Klaus! Been following your guides ever since I saw one of your videos, especially your TH8.5 Upgrade Priority List. This will really help me with my newly upgraded TH9 2nd account which I'm probably be doing the 8.5 guide of yours just like what I did with my main account as well! Love your vids man! Avid fan! More power! :D

  25. Haste spell ??

  26. Love your vids, but I completely disagree with this order, sorry.

  27. can u do a video on making a farming base for th9??

  28. Çok iyisin keşke Türklerde yapsa böyle :)

  29. What about haste ?…wait… you have forget about it xd

  30. Klaus can u make a time lapse of your th9 base

  31. What's up guys?!

  32. valks instead of golems because you can request max golem in cc

  33. yo klaus?✌

  34. I am Early as hell today!!!

  35. im first again!!!!!! :):):):):)