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Clash of Clans – WARNING! A Public Service Announcement in Base Designs

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  1. this game is 99.9% dead as this 99.9% clickbait video

  2. coc is broken ._.

  3. puppet

  4. Hello all! I just made a new clan called "The Warriors". I'm the only person in the clan at the moment. My name is Blake. If any strong clashers would like to join, just request!

  5. clickbaits is the new Galatrend?

  6. Puppet

  7. Too many similes in spencer's attacks

  8. thanks for letting us know that this base is suicide galadon

  9. when are you doing the push to #1

  10. Great video Galadon! I appreciate your amazing work

  11. Just make more compact bases with lots more compartments.

  12. That click bait title tho level 9000

  13. Funny how when the game goes down Galadon also goes down. Can you just read my comment plz? So most of us aren't even town hall 11 so we honestly don't care about base design. You might say it also for th 10 but i'm not and they will get wiped out by max th 11 players anyways… Just don't put that title just put "how to design your base" because we all want it was a feedback from supercell

  14. Guys it's time to close down clash and go to clash royale!they completely destroyed clash and introduced a new game for us to spend money(youtubers)

  15. haha galadon these videos make my day!great job!

  16. i Have 1 clip Gally Clash Of Clans Glitch Give me your email i will sent to youu can make video on that

  17. I want clash royale so bad

  18. Those comparisons tho

  19. Click bait much …

  20. I like your new puns Galidon ??

  21. Guys anybody wanting to help me? My channel is rather new and I would appreciate every help and every subscriber…please consider …..thanks

  22. ur one of my favor YouTuber❤❤❤✌

  23. Supercell just announced yesterday that they are going to try and fix the update and their top priority is the loot. It's posted on Cheif Pat's Channel. Just don't expect the changes to happen too quickly though. Btw I'm th9 and I find loot all the time for my expensive upgrades but by the comments I hear all the time I guess it's just me.

  24. Attacking someone with witches when their clan is called "army of witches" isn't irony. too many use the word irony wrong and it's getting out of hand! haha

  25. The dirty joke at the beginning ?

  26. Click bait much :/

  27. Saw the title and thought it might have been feed back from SC. The video loads and its galadon talking about a base design. Nice click bait.

  28. lol galandon good job keep it up and always never stop being honest

  29. Such an IMPORTANT title for such a minor message… :/
    I gotta agree with the others, this is click bait

  30. click bait smh

  31. Nice fucking clickbait… You literally just got thousands of people's hopes up… What a leader

  32. Obi Wanna 3 star yo base

  33. Galadons similes are fire

  34. [Comment only YouTube Red users can see]

  35. I'm done with his channel. Half of his uploads involve clickbaits. A lot of people probably came to see if supercell made any announcements, but instead he makes a video about base design. He should have put it in the title and now 12 year olds will defend him

  36. Se inscrevam no meu canal, por favor. Me chamo Luana e quero crescer no YouTube!

  37. It amazes me how people think the title is misleading because of their expectations- when the video WAS ACTUALLY a WARNING! If it were about Supercell changing something having to do with the update, the title would have been "MIRACLE!!!"

  38. Who cares about this stupid base design!!! They need to bring back old coc

  39. the fine print should say…If you are facing maxed heroes opponents. maxed heroes are way overpowered and they are the main factors of three starring the open base design. I've had maxed witches and heroes in the 20s attack my open base and they only get 1 star. for 98% of the coc community the open base design is relevant. fact.

  40. clickbait op :)

  41. why are people advertising there own channel come on ✌

  42. GG on almost 1 million subs galadon. your the best clash youtuber.

  43. why does it say first sneak peaks and updates for the outdo. the update has gone
    Anyway you are an amazing clasher gala don

  44. "Obi-Wan-Na-Three-Star-Your-Base"
    Galadon is Peter17$ confirmed.

  45. On the first attack by kenobi he shouldn't have wasted that jump spell on the side since he had wall breakers. He should have saved it for the core to get out.

  46. Dang great bait Galadon, I thought SuperCell was actually gonna do something about this update.