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  1. Beaker stop telling what's up you said it like 10 times´╗┐

  2. im not even in a clan ha´╗┐

  3. hey can i join this clan just to watch some replays? im an almost maxed th9 i still only have my wizard towers and all my walls are level 8 and i have like 75 level 9 walls´╗┐

  4. what's a good war cc troop for town hall 9 ? i was thinking of putting lava hound but i think it's not much of use. Any advise ?´╗┐

  5. hey beaker I want to know th 8 dark elixir farming and rading´╗┐

  6. That happened to my clan in the war we just had recently, we are a level 4 clan and got matched up with a level 6 clan!! But we still won the war :D´╗┐

  7. hey´╗┐

  8. plz let me join beaker in your clan ruthless fifty almost max th7 would love to join PLZ´╗┐

  9. I need a good clan i am a max TH9 just working on walls now´╗┐

  10. remarkabne! how are ysu? regret cheese % 1!´╗┐

  11. Is Unity Elite related to Unity Air Force?´╗┐

  12. Get the Clash Of Clans bot now. Free elixir and gems are avaiable. Online way. Have it right now —— —- Clash of Clans triche gratuit piratage sont disponibles, pas besoin de elecharger, aucun mot de passe requis, gemmes gratuits, d'un elixir, d'or, cliquez ici´╗┐

  13. Beak. You got it all wrong. Two air sweepers pointed in one direction will completely halt balloons and stop them from being able to get into the base. He pointed them that way to prevent his multi inferno from going down right away.´╗┐

  14. i heard that therea ganna be a new troop is that true i heard it from TheDavidTv´╗┐

  15. the title is wrong and should be switched´╗┐

  16. There is something in the bottom right corner above beakers microphone at 2:61 ?´╗┐

  17. Sniggle? Wtf?!???´╗┐

  18. Beaker i thought the new update reduced healers in groups …´╗┐

  19. How do I join UE Tryout or Unity Elite? I am a hugw fan and really want to join your clan + im th9
    #Beaker's Lab´╗┐

  20. Correction knightof chaos2´╗┐

  21. Hey beaker´╗┐

  22. No space between knight and of´╗┐

  23. If u want to see the accounts there in a clan called knightof chaose lvl 6 clan The account names are azreal,JORGE1,and MR.FARMER´╗┐

  24. beaker do you think it would be a good idea if supercell made an update where the troops that survive when your battle ends should automatically be placed back in your army camp?´╗┐

  25. beaker do you think it would be a good idea if supercell made an update where the troops that survive when your battle ends should automatically be placed back in your army camp?´╗┐


    Clan: hya. Hateyouall

    TOWNHALL LEVEL DOESN'T MATTER AS LONG as you're base isn't rushed´╗┐

  27. The king drops his sword when he is dead

  28. hey beak…sup!!! dude tell me how to farm when to are new to th9 with th8 troops….or do its video …u r awsme´╗┐

  29. This war, our opponents number 6 tried to clean up 21 ( semi th 10 vs low th 9) is was the poorest attack ive ever seen…. his funnel was terrible but he had 3 witches 2 wizrds and a low health queen with just a cc xbow and th left in the core. His troops destroyed the cc which was out of range of the xbow. They broke through the core wall and started going for the th. The xbow was doing his best but the witches summoned too many skells. But, one of the skells tripped a giant bomb. All his wizards and witches were gone. Xbow killed the queen: 98% 1 star.´╗┐

  30. i cant stand this guy lol´╗┐

  31. ONLY 10-15 for EzPZ wars and XP for CC´╗┐

  32. i wish im in your clan´╗┐

  33. I'm from Cambodia´╗┐

  34. Sup Guys…..´╗┐

  35. new year new shirt !´╗┐

  36. Beak i have a little problem can you add me in kik so then we can talk you can just like delete me or block me after that I just need your help plz my kik is fabripitaXx plz text me I really need your help!´╗┐

  37. bro I love ur vids just subbed cant wait to see more vid keep it up man´╗┐

  38. Can you reply to me pls´╗┐