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  1. My clan is called rize of Hix and we've won 13 wars in a row

  2. 4shared clash of clans trip games v 200. 9

  3. I subscribed to you

  4. bro

  5. tony can I join your clan

  6. Tony your baby acc clan is closed

  7. gem up ur heros ??

  8. Tony I was in ur clan bfor name: "Sam66" but then Jaso threatened to kick me and said I better leave or I'm banned from the clan, I really want to be in ur clann, it's my dream :(((

  9. General Tony I love your channel, nice vids . please could you do a th7 war base without barbking please? also please could I join your clan I really want to join im th7 kind of rushed on walls but I rally want to be with you cus I admire you so much !!!! your amazining!! best clashyoutuber ever!!!

  10. they're both omazing but probably coc

  11. they're both omazing but probably coc

  12. Tony i'm pretty sure that the reason you can get gems easy is bcuz you have a code probs and each time someone uses your code you get points so you can get gems really easily

  13. 100,000,000,000 elixir 150,000,000,000 gold 200,000 dark elixir GO BIG

  14. What happened to the electric walls?

  15. When is the question and answer video coming

  16. Yes can I join your clan general tony

  17. Bye ??????

  18. Can I join guess that's a no huh ok I will stop asking

  19. I hope clash of clans doesnt die !!!

  20. I hope clash of clans doesnt die !!!

  21. cash for apps is broken… how on earth is anyone to earn enough points for a simple giftcard?!

  22. Hey Tony, Do you think that their should be a global in Clash Royale, so you can recruit people more easy:) Also nice video

  23. ???????????????????????

  24. I'm already really crying???????????????????????????????

  25. Please