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Clash Of Clans | “WE DONE IT!” 250,000!!!

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  1. Q&A: Why don't you join Daddy's Darlings? :D

  2. whats your weirdest fetish ? xD

  3. Resolution? WTFF???

  4. Will you do daily vlogs

  5. Hey tony! Long time no see buddy, Congrats on 250k! Hope you remember me! Been here since 20k!

  6. Congrates on 250 000

  7. Am I going to win the GiveAway???

  8. Tony, I'm in a stagnant clan and I was wondering what to do because the guys in there are my friends at school and I don't want to make them mad

  9. do u have a gf?if yes r u gonna marry her?

  10. Q&A why do you never troll on global and make challenges in real life p.s I love tony general 

  11. who is your favorite Youtuber

  12. Massive gemming video!!!!

  13. Q and A: Did you ever think you would reach 250k subs when starting out on YouTube?

  14. +Clash of Clans l General Tony yo gen tony i need some tips on queen walking a low lvl queen coz i just come on th9 after i was like in active for 6 month i really need to know how to do this coz ive been just 1 staring in wars i usually get 2 stars 80 percents or 3 starts so i really need tips plz ty

  15. How much do you earn on youtube and would you start posting clash royale videos?

  16. Can I join ur clan I'm maxed out th 11

  17. Q&A : Do you have a girlfriend?

  18. when did you start Playing clash of clans and how long have you been playing??

  19. for q&a: how were you introduced to CoC? What influenced you to start a YouTube channel?

  20. when do you think your ganna end you chanle

  21. Q & A: How Did You Get Into Clash And When Did you start playing?

  22. Hello General Tony i was wondering if there is any way i can join your clan i have been watching your clan for almost a month and it has not been open once. I would love to join your clan. I am a non rushed town hall 8 and i am in crystal 3 with about 2040 trophies. Can you please let me know if there is anything i can do to join your clan. Thank you soo much. Love all your videos keep up the good work!

  23. Who's your idol?

  24. Q&A how much money you use in coc

  25. Why do you suck at attacking?

  26. he asks to get 5kblikes when he only has 4k views (the time i post this)

  27. 200k hip boy

  28. Check out the lvl9 clan Req n Go, member Samantha with a outstanding donation record of 1.029 million in 2 weeks, should make a video about it.

  29. pick me for iPad