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Clash Of Clans | We got to TH11 NO GEMZZ | Issues with the update

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  1. Why do you call yourself daddy lol. I know your an actual dad but that's just creepy

  2. I love how u convey ur disappointment with the update. Been ur loyal supporter even though u kinda not so into youtube anymore. love u as always and have a merry christmas

  3. Authentic farmed base. Happy Holiday Daddy! :)

  4. getting loot is getting hard for me. I used to be able to make at least 2 mill after hours of raiding but now it takes me like 3 days to get that much

  5. Finally you yourself admit that the update is not good. FINALLY

  6. Merry Christmas to all from Germany! :)

  7. Turkey for Christmas? Lol think you mean pork

  8. I don't know if you communicate with the top Coc you tubers but I'm wondering does general consensus think Clash can survive this? Game has dropped from 4.5 stars on App Store to 3 stars. It's flooded with negative reviews? Any idea what the devs are thinking?

  9. I think they confused "farming" with "building an oldschool farming base with th outside".
    Honestly you always get a lot of junk mails back from support all the time. I would not bother about this one.

    About the update: Yeah many farmers complain, because they only think about protecting their ressources when putting their th outside and not about the bad loot that is caused by cheap shields. As a farmer I support the loot changes and have mad similar suggestions multiple times. I also support donating dark spells. Now 3 stars at th9 is not a weird elite thing. You actually get rewarded for it and since I started do these 3 star strategies the game is so much more fun.

  10. Honest. Update benefits no one, except Supercell.

  11. Daddy, make a video with your kids! Merry Christmas ??

  12. Great intro daddy. With you all the way on the supercell silence. Two weeks on & still no response. What do they take us for?

  13. Like the intro

  14. Supercell should give farming back and supercell will be sorry for what they have done

  15. daddy please wait me >_< I will up th 11 to! check my channel to, I create funny clash of clans video and subs me, I'll subs back

  16. Props to you for not gemming it 🙂 Just makes me happy somehow :D

  17. Finally! A respected figure in the clash community addresses SC's lack of communication with their players, maybe they'll start paying attention to us now and give us some insight on our concerns with this update!

  18. on spot, undo the update and ppl are happy

  19. Well done daddy it's just a shame farming your way to th11 is going to take 50-150 years now after the update. I've given up raiding I just log on to give my clans mates troops.

  20. Killing the Farmer's was a really stupid idea on supercells part. As a business, who in their right mind would say to 1/3rd of their customers or fan base that your obsolete or irrelevant? I understand that they're are trying to get people to play the game as they envisioned it and spend money buying gems. Failing to realize the most of these player's that play Clash are not hardcore about the game and mainly play on a casual basis. Most people don't like raiding for two or more hours only to find it impossible to gain any traction in their game play. Having to build war armies just to get to a couple of storages doesn't really make all that much sense to me. You can on get 3 may be 4 raids per hour at best and when you logoff, and come back only to find all your previous game play for the most part was a total waste of time. Video and app games only last as long as the next great game or app comes out. Would love to be a fly on the wall peering into their server activity. I can only guess that this last update hasn't gone too well for them after the initial hype has subsided. I can totally understand why a once rated 5 star app game in the app store is currently rated a 3!! If they don't do something quickly the more they're are going to turn people off. Game of War a Clash based theme game has a higher rating than COC? you know things can't be looking good for them. I love this game, and I hope they can fix it before it turns me off as well.