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  1. This piece of shit speaks as if he is a genius thinks he is too good for a three star wow

  2. im town hall 7 and i stay in silver 3-1 and i got 1 thousand dark with barbs archers and lighting spells all lv 3

  3. I am getting a lot of loot these days

  4. Me too

  5. LOTS of loot even at TH8 in Gold I, over 300k gold 300k elixir sometimes!

  6. man i cant find a good loot lo attack

  7. yea loots been sick!

  8. ya i am also getting lots of loot

  9. This clip does not show you how to perform what you look for correctly. A whole new working version has been revealed just search " ronitolguides " in google.

  10. Hey beaker. Almost Max TH11. Do you have any sick war bases for that? I am in in the Navy and don't have much time for base design searching. Awesome vids keep it up!

  11. I have not found much loot

  12. I've been finding sick loot for the past 5ish days.

  13. I have been fining FREAKING INSANE LOOT these past days

  14. second one is indian clan..

  15. spend a little too much DE for my taste on your farming army. but nice finds

  16. man i cant understand where r your xbows lol!? i watched all your episodes n still dont get it lol!!!

  17. I found three 1 million raid in a row!

  18. I have got some good loot for me but not for you 'cause I am a TH 5 and I got 100k – 200k

  19. Beaker is this Beaker with the whole Godson vibe going on? Making crazy sounds laughing at pretty much nothing. Come on dude Godson is nerve racking and you are better than this. Unsubbed

  20. coc should make it when u donate the troops go in the lake thing!

  21. supercell put dead bases back in and the 1 gem boost gave us more collector raids. I find hella loot

  22. i been geting good loot. in gold 3 an sever1. im th7