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  1. in been in a lvl 11 clan b4

  2. #tonygangster

  3. 245 wins and 50 losees

  4. I know a clan that every single player has no walls and another clan with 2 or 3 leader like or comment to show general

  5. GT i couldnt join YG cause so many invites but i did get to get a sreenshot of Cinematic and witesbase cause i met an AWESOME titan named psi something and lemme in for 10 sec

  6. My clan has 135win and 110 loses and 1 draw

  7. my clan is 157-37

  8. Do some Quality Queen walk farming please !

  9. Tony subscribe to me

  10. #tonys a gangsta lolz

  11. Tonny I know hoe they did it they lost all there clan wars and tied some

  12. Am I the only one that instantly knew how they did it? They lose every war, and get their xp.

  13. 87 wins 183 loss

  14. ganster check out my base gt go to cristal and i am the 2 one

  15. Tony you are the best youtuber ever

  16. 300

  17. #TonysaGangsta

  18. 0

  19. Man, I should've bookmarked the level 12 clan I saw on Global. I was chatting with this guy that's got a level 12 clan!

  20. Keep up the awesome videos?Great loot raids in the last one

  21. I've found the best attack strategy for th8s, but I won't say cause then everyone would use it

  22. Instantly when he ended the raid the grand warren started to attack the elixir storage ?

  23. 102 wins 1 loss

  24. That clan just kept losing and losing and losing and losing…

  25. U SUCKKK OMG U CULDNT 80% that dead base ???

  26. love u tony

  27. Tony check out this clan the leader hasn't requested for over a Year! the clan is Dragon Thiefs 2

  28. 180 losses ?

  29. The only way I'll have a great weekend is if they drop sneak peeks

  30. my clan is dreary dream level 11 we are 300 and 8 I'm the only person who's name is not in English th8 with Chinese letterd

  31. hi

  32. Knock nock…

  33. We have 321 losses and 17 wins

  34. Fantastic episode!

  35. Tony there is a lot of level11 clans


  37. 125 losses

  38. all my war

  39. my clan lost 5 war and 20 win 1 draw

  40. i just make a clan amd its too active 6 war with same meber level 2 clan no one leave or dint atck they all did 0 lose but not perfect war only 1 perfect

  41. I've Experinced Weirder there was a Clan With no one in it There wasn't even a Leader and of course an lvl 12 clan

  42. Tony the loot only good in crustal if your a th 10 in or 11

  43. can I join your clan plz

  44. Holy shit, I sent tony a screenshot of this can yesterday

  45. 500

  46. why is there a level 12 clan under the level 11 clan?

  47. hello tony

  48. I was in the clan Ancient Aliens when they were a level 11 clan. they kicked me out cause I wasnt active cause they stole my phone??

  49. barbarianparty also lvl 11

  50. That "Woo" at the end of the video just made my day 🙂 Thanks General T, <333