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Clash Of Clans | What Are The Secrets To Becoming A Clash Youtuber!?!

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  1. I am a Clash Youtuber Just got 100 subs

  2. Show how you screen record

  3. hi

  4. giv away a ps4

  5. Please sub to my channel and help me grow

  6. Part 2 part 2 part 2

  7. That hairdo xD Cool

  8. Darkest way to grow channel and what most big clash youtubers do:
    Meta tagging and click baiting! its what most clash of clans youtubers do nowadays

  9. +Clash Of Clans | General Tony plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what apps to use to record videos and sound audio of coc in android plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gt rules

  10. YEAH PART 2

  11. C

  12. Comment below #LewSucks xD

  13. I do t use gimp on my main channel I use photoshop

  14. Lew sucks

  15. YOU CAN'T SAY C**T ON YOUTUBE! Young kids will be watching!

  16. Tony can I join u are soooooo awesome

  17. Is that an EX-girlfriend? Must of hurt to let that loose!

  18. Tony can I join your clan

  19. Gone sexual. Gone violent. Gone everything

  20. Do face cam

  21. #lewsucks

  22. hi

  23. cool video! thanks!

  24. #LewisSucks

  25. ur great man keep it up u inspired me too makin a yt channel i hope u make more i would love that an would need that #generaltonyisthebest???????

  26. How to YouTube like Tony? – steal everyone's content, steal others thumbnails and just copy MasterOv in general. Boom! Great success!

  27. damn your girlfriend is nice and sexy. hold on to that gem

  28. lol im in your brother's clan.. Also does anyone having problems logging into your other account for clash of clans because i do… I have an android..someone please help.