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  1. truth: why is everybody hating valks? they are not so bad…

  2. DARE: can you please hack my base and get me 1,00,000 gems please try your best my coc account name is atharv saytam. please try it ones i need gems a lot. thanks in advance.

  3. Hey can you make a video on attacks for different Town Halls. So like, a walkthrough for how to do things like GOWIPE, but ones for lower town halls like 6-8, because BARCH gets kinda boring. (I'm Town Hall 7)
    Oh and also, I dare you to use only barbarians and archers and attack the number 1 guy in the next war you're in

  4. Wish we had an option to queue the upgrade in the lab..

  5. Truth or dare pick your own truth: how do you look at making a base and what's your plan Dare:I dare you to make a video on how do unrush you base in clash of clans

  6. We need update of clash of clans

  7. Gan if you become 1M Subs dont forget about me please!


  9. man my bday vid! thx gan!

  10. Gan, what's your favorite troop and army composition?

  11. Dare: do an all barbarian raid with your main account

  12. Dare to JUMP 800000fgJk

  13. Fuck you
    Di Bich

  14. a small loan of a million dollars later

  15. Dare/ I dare you to gift me a 50$ playstore card

  16. give me a account

  17. Hi gan

  18. Truth : what's your take on pulling clan castle troops when in war?

  19. Just a made a new clan on Clash Royale! Its called The Old Embers feel free to join as anyone can join, thanks!

  20. I think Supercell should make it so wallbreakers go over walls if there are troops inside the walls trying to get to an another compartment

  21. i am HH in the clan

  22. Bich you sut the fuck up nigga

  23. Valks are the beast!!!! They just bad against infernos!

  24. You suck

  25. Ados is a th10 3 starring th9's tho…

  26. hi

  27. QNA Gan, If you could add any troop to Coc, what would it be?
    Also Pokemon is Celebrating it 20th Anniversary with a "Generations" Series