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  2. I was a few Weeks ago th8 (Now th9) and i always attacked with dragons on war. It worked good for me.

  3. wizard tower first as otherwise you won't bother to get that much loot

  4. Why do people upgrade walls before defenses in a new townhall?

  5. Fuck u bitch.

  6. man I rushed a bit and now I'm depressed I'm might quit can anyone help me with advice please!

  7. ppl plz sub my chanel I do th2 to legends and th8 vids

  8. Gt-Tony What do u think about the Grand Warden?

  9. I still use drags at th8!!
    still 3 star!

  10. When if first reached town hall 9 not that long ago I just decided to do test las and wiz towers first

  11. man really awesome thanks for making clash okay again

  12. Do the troops too

  13. hm….. th8… upgrading teslas as priority, then wizard towers, archer towers, and mortars first? lol I did the exact opposite, upgrade traps ( not teslas ) archer towers, cannons, mortars, hero, and everything else but wizard towers ….xD

  14. Can you do the undefeated th11 base in th8 please ? :p

  15. Nobody uses Dragons at TH 8?! Dude, you haven't been in my clan. A lot of TH 8s are using their level 3 Dragons with 2 Lightning spells, an Earthquake spell, Rage and Haste spell. They are doing great job and always 3 star base in War, even the maxed TH8.

  16. open baby beasts

  17. This is good because I have max gold of 1.5 mil gold and don't know what to buy

  18. It's the 3rd ad for th7

  19. i just got to be a th8, i maxed my wiz towers, mortars, and air defenses, good?

  20. Plz could u open babybeast

  21. the 3rd air defense at th7

  22. hope i meet tony one day

  23. Th8 is Drag Kingdom it is easy to 3 Star Tony You are wrong with that one at least in my clan

  24. i will try

  25. in C O C

  26. my name is pro battlefield

  27. i have it bookmarkt

  28. general Tony can i pliz join your clan

  29. tony i have the best anti 3 star base its been 2 stared but never been 3d ive used it for about a month in a lvl6 clan we face lvl 5-8 clans normally this is for th8 and its not maxed like my other accounts

  30. can I join your clan

  31. nice vid man

  32. I use hogs at th7, and it's usually an overkill

  33. You didn't show th11

  34. #oldintro

  35. can I get a shout out plzzzzz ur my favorite YouTube r

  36. Sent you a message by the way 🙂 Check it out

  37. good info

  38. Hey Tony you are best youtuber ever!!!!!!!!

  39. why is #BABYBEASTS on closed?

  40. Hey, great video, could you do a trophy base for town hall 8 which keeps your resources safe as well ?

  41. I needed this vid thanx and love ur vids

  42. goho?

  43. goo?

  44. nice guide!

  45. hi

  46. я из Украины и люблю твой видео

  47. Canons all lvl7
    Wiz towers all lvl4
    2Air defences lvl4,1 air defence lvl5
    Archer towers all lvl7
    No air sweeper
    (And 1 tesla)
    3 mortars lvl4
    My t.h7 is solid my t.h9 just sucks i m thinking about selling it ….IT S RUSHED ASF

  48. 500th viewer ◀?▶

  49. nice vid

  50. what is your clan name I am going to join