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Clash Of Clans | WHAT IS A .5? WHY DO IT? WHAT TO UPGRADE FOR 8.5, 9.5, 10.5

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  1. Hey, when do you want to upload the TH11 winner bases?

  2. Your promoting .5 because .5 are more likely to spend money because defensively they struggle to hold on to there loot so upgrading is even more difficult, as if it's not overly difficult as is.

    Ash your a $UPER $ELL titty sucker

  3. perfect vid ash thx man helps a ton

  4. Informative as always, thank you Ash, perhaps one day you can dedicate a single video on upgrading defences for each .5s respectively, like when should we start dropping new def structures, what def to upgrade first or perhaps using both hero levels as a benchmark/indicator for upgrading def, just your thoughts & ideas, thanks again :)

  5. so if i go 9.5 then i only need to hold on inferno ? can i upgrade my older def or not ? thanks for the video ash !

  6. th9.5 jumps to th11 for warden only will be very op

  7. I'd love to see the actual war weights (click on a storage and show how much is in it. can do that even when war is over). I'm quite confused why the TH9.5 is below, because I couldn't find any defenses that weren't max TH9. And he had the extra walls. Maybe total wall levels were lower? And his heroes weren't very high.
    I could certainly see not upgrading a couple of your Mortars, or something like that, which don't do much in war, certainly very little vs their war weight. (One-shotting level 7 archers is really nice for preserving your loot, though.)

  8. thanks for the info!

  9. Thx ash im be a th9.5 im max but don't wanna be a th10 with infernos thx for the idea:)! Made my clash day haha

  10. Thx ash im be a th9.5 im max buy don't wanna be a th10 with infernos thx for the idea:)! Made my clash day haha

  11. I'm a 8.5 and here lately, I've gotten matched up against rushed th10s with infernos and 3 xbows. I'm #1 on our war board. Anyone else have this problem?

  12. Very helpful thanks ash ! Will be doing 10.5 from lp sepecat !

  13. Sweet video! Also a good thing you forgot to mention is upgrading the clan castle first with your gold. You're able to hold a golem and even more loot for war! I'm able to drop a max level golem on th8 and 9's and it's great.

  14. honestly, I know I told you you were outright outlandishly wrong when youp osted that mortars and wizard towers were the highest weight items…

    but you're still stating that 9.5s "rank lower than some 9s", they don't. Offense does count, it just doesn't show up in the war map standing or gold weight, because those are defense only. Humor me, study the game a bit and compare recommended targets of your .5s with the th's they come from, on an untouched war map.

  15. -war map reflects defense only, the commonly quoted gold weight is defense only
    -matching accounts for both offense and defense
    -a .5 with the higher level offense will absolutely not match as TH, it'll match as th+1, th8.5 will not match as th8, it will match as th9, etc.

  16. Ash, as always thanks for the awesome info! I myself am a newer 9.5 and it helps in wars for sure. My question is, what is the best way to deal with Infernos when raiding? I feel like I'm "next-ing" my gold away looking for a decent loot base without active infernos. Any advice?

  17. thanks Ash for taking my suggestion. video was very helpful

  18. I have no idea if I'm .5 lol . Anyone mind telling me?
    azxlcrema is the name

  19. Wooooo

  20. Do you think you can get an updated spreadsheet?