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  1. haha

  2. Hey

  3. It wasn't the golem. it was the 2 x bows.

  4. I'm going to sleep and when I wake up I better have 200 subscribers

  5. hey beak can you make base designs for every th? like a hybrid a farming etc for each.

  6. Damm daniel!! Back at it again with those hogs!

  7. Hey beak

  8. What is the name of your video editor

  9. Hey Beak!!

  10. thanks for that vid beak i needed a de farming attack

  11. did they change attack time back to 3mins from 3mins 30sec?

  12. yo bro

  13. Beak

  14. What up baek

  15. I was gonna make a sodium joke, but Na

  16. I didn't even need to watch the vid to know what you wanted to upgrade?

  17. beak, dont make dumb edits please. they look dumb tbh

  18. Beak what do you thing about poisin spell update

  19. yo Beak! You think GoHo might work at th10 now with the maxxed hogs? and what do ya think of the new troop?

  20. SUP BEAK! :D

  21. Just a note on why people are saying the Queen walk has been nerfed, on top of x bows being more powerful, supercell just lowered healer effectiveness on heroes from 70% to 50% :(

  22. dude beaker can i join ur clan unity elite plz my username is baroyjr my trophies are 1500 above plz