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Clash of Clans – What’s NEXT? Finland, Update, and More

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  2. Finlaaandd

  3. Hi

  4. Ah, yes, more walls that onlt gemmers will get

  5. CoC used to be my favorite game but i don't play at all any more
    It's kinda dead now

  6. the last time i was this early

    I dont know what happened….???

  7. Galadon. Did you cry in the Reddit v Youtube stream?

  8. 30th ??? Tbh I just really want them to lower The walls cost past lvl 9

  9. Last time I was this early was when coc was relevant

  10. but… you did not finished the video… dont you want to- ah nvm keep scrolling

  11. 790th

  12. come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lv9 walls = 1 mil
    lv 10 = 3 mil each
    11= 4 mil each

  13. Coc is dead galadon. Give it a rest

  14. how would the barbarian king work in clash royale would it be too op


  16. #notfirst #whocares?

  17. hei

  18. Finaly clash of clans news

  19. 3rd

  20. Saw dude

  21. galadon j not get any legendary in clash royale level 9

  22. Earlyyy

  23. hey galadon, nice you are playing coc again

  24. woooooooooo love u galadon been here since 7k subs

  25. Nice CoC I play both Cr and CoC daily, happy to see CoC on a channel..

  26. hey o/ :D

  27. So many twats saying first when they're not

  28. Early squad

  29. I have a little dick (this comment will be lost)

  30. NORWAY please galadon!

  31. 10000th