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  1. true you can never lose using golems at least you get 1 star

  2. Farming is def not easy in th11

  3. just found a th8 base and got 850k gold 750k elixir and 650 dark

  4. Beaker, mind accepting me into your clan? ~Godlike~ th9

  5. m super upset with me, i rushed to th11, and i cant find the loot. guys i need some help here..

  6. this update is so trash.. I hate it so much and don't get me wrong I love this game allot !! I have been playing the day it hit the app store and it was amazing then , but know ?? they made the game worse like I dont know what they did to the game but before I was making 200K to 400K in resources every hour or two yes ! it was that easy ! and I had defenses constantly upgrading same goes for troops but like ever since the update its like those bases with all the damn loot in the collectors instead of the storages are all gone ! its like after that update they just vanished ! and it pisses me off because know barch attacks no longer are affective let's just get that clear and know I gotta start using my other strong troops just to get a decent raid and another thing am I the only one who keeps getting all maxed Th 10s? and 11s? its really annoying. and I get it supercell wants us to spend money on shields but why do we have to do that to enjoy the game ? like this game would be SSOOOO MMUUCCHH better if they get the match making the same and the shields the same but still added the new cool looking Th 11 and new heroe..etc know that would be an awesome update and it seems from the rest of the comments that every one else thinks the old version of clash would be best for the game…. but all I'm gonna say is this , if they thought that this update would bring even more people to play clash then they got it all wrong trust me there's gonna be more and more players quitting the game…

  7. Love you Beak! Keep up the amazing content dude!!!! :D

  8. keeping the heroes during war would make sense because you have your defenses while theyre upgrading

  9. Hahahaha Batang Hamog

  10. we are not on the same situation actually! th8 and below suffer from this update because deadbase is being remove from matchmaking after not being open for like 4 days

  11. Wizards and healers cost too much elixir… and spells cost even more! I used to barch all the time and it was the best :/

  12. moveable trees? want that one as well haha, one xmas tree is out of place, its driving me crazy! check me out if you wna…or not Clan: Quantum One (#2Q9VYGJV) Nickname : P.

  13. Well I guess Ill just be "farming" with gowipe, goho, and mass dragons with full spells…some solid "farming" right here.

    I agree with the ability to use upgrading heroes during war. Like why the fuck not? If you upgrading to 15 you can use them at 14.

  14. 4 golems is expensive ?

  15. "weezer, weezah" XD I'm litteraly dead

  16. Good vid, Baruch to I die

  17. What a joke. 30 wizards??!! Whats the point man no profit

  18. I've watched several of your videos and was considering subing. Not now, you're actually speaking positive on the new update that farming is not dead….If I want to make an expensive army, it's because I'm trophy pushing or attacking in war….not farming… Fuck you and Supercell…peace.

  19. what's the song that plays in the intro?

  20. This gives me hope that farming isn't dead