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Clash of Clans: WHF vs. War Whales MOAR SICK RAIDS!

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  1. Always learn something new man great work time and effort?????????

  2. Why do u always show three stars
    Show some fails too. Just to learn from the mistakes

  3. what do you raid with power bang?? I'm trying to get DE fast what do you recommend

  4. i want to try that golem walk. looks interesting. a lot cheaper than using healers

  5. What is the controversy

  6. WHF accepting current modders now? Kobra's attack about as fishy as your wife's dildo

  7. est – fix your damn blower location. lol

  8. PB what would you think of a higher level mortar and perhaps the eagle doing damage to troops that are underground?

  9. i wish there was war ranking in your profile so you can see what lvl and experince they have in war

  10. i miss the old times when powerbang actually covered thoughtful strategies like golaloon, goho, and hybrid armies instead of mass miner and hghb attacks

  11. am I really the only one noticing the GENIUS wb action at 4:50 . Using the lower level wall inside while not breaking the outer ones to keep a path for the queen

  12. Kobra's attack was way too perfect :0

  13. When will you do your next video on farming or the axepb video??? I love those. Keep up the good work!

  14. The bitching will eventually end… but that fucking green line is forever. Get dump-trucked WHF!

  15. pb…you have been at the top too long bro. Kappz is a maximum level offense. in most games a maxed out offensive player is gonna be pretty damn OP. I'm fine with the mass attacks (I'm also a th9 20 20 heroes outside looking in)

    max offense should be very hard to stop imo. and that base sucked balls

  16. (◣‿◢)

  17. WHF…or WTF

  18. can u zoom out a bit more? coz i can still see the base

  19. try using baby drags with miners, it works for me..

  20. how do i join your clan ???its closed

  21. Yagmur has nerves of steel man! I wouldve dropped the rage spell aeons ago

  22. so u complained their number 1 had a bad base design and got 3 starred to SC?

  23. All supercell needs to do is put 1.75x damage on miners from giant bombs… It's not that hard

  24. hey pb. i miss jakes death of a th10/th9 series. do you think you could do some vids on the process/scouts and how attacks got planned?

  25. everywhere miner's… that's boring!

  26. so bored to see miner attack

  27. where's the information from supercell about the next update. It's become a joke how supercell keeps the players in the dark.

  28. *maintenance

  29. I am waiting for the maitnence break to be over so I can play clash of clans!!!

  30. can i join join with your clan

  31. 55 Miner at TH 11 against a good base will never work. You just have to creat a miner pathing or atleast a direction for the miners, so you can place your traps properly.

  32. Nice recap PB.