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Clash of clans – WIGOBOWLIN BEST NEW STRATEGY!! (Th10 and TH11 Gameplay)

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  1. Road to 50k subs (:

  2. when are we going tho ?

  3. Trololololololololololol

  4. I feel like godson is making his intro's more like cam's

    Clash of clans with cam

  5. yeaaaaaa

  6. YEEAAAaaaa!

  7. Can You Higher The brightness In The videos Pls? I Have It At 720P And I Noticed it Wasn't The Graphics It Was The Brightness, It Being That Low of A Brightness Makes It Look Dusty tbh.

  8. We Go Bowling ?????

  9. We need more walls

  10. Godson I was here since 14K subs man you just keep getting better and better! Thanks Godson For the great times and moments. Cheers to many more vids . ;)

  11. How do u pause a boost

  12. Nice

  13. Bowler best singer confirmed :P

  14. This video might get a copyright strike Becuase I used that troll music in one of my videos and that happend to me ?

  15. There should be a golem riding a cheatah that goes for loot but is faster and stronger than the normal goblin

  16. mantor

  17. You're probley the most entertaining COC youtuber i've ever seen.

  18. Look the bowlas spreading the Ebola funny right?

  19. Every one got right a review for a HOGGOB

  20. hahahahahahaha best opening i ever seen hahahha you are a crack

  21. The bowlers have Ebola. They are the ebowlas!!