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Clash Of Clans | WILL CLASH DIE OUT!?! THE FUTURE OF CoC? 250K Q & A!

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  1. lol idk why but clickbait sounds funny asl

  2. lol you're really the best

  3. Lol I barely play coc, I'm on cr now lol

  4. I hope they update the coc to th 12 as a big update so th11s would not get bored out.

  5. well said tony.. Royale is crap

  6. General Tony if u keep making vids it won't die out keep it up

  7. tell me if u want me post more

  8. Well look at the bright side if a bunch of people quit that means more dead bases for me

  9. #QandA

  10. how did u get into yourtube

  11. who gives u the money?

  12. Who heard the voice crack? At 40-50 seconds just listen you'll hear it.

  13. i hope Coc deies out then i will be getting all that loot bwohahaha

  14. personally, I'm finding coc slightly dull atm. I'm really enjoying boom beach though

  15. I've made $0.27 off YouTube XD


  17. Wooooooo Manchester united chelsea sucks

  18. Royale is garbage.

  19. don't worry Tony one day u will have wife don't give up

  20. my idea for the new troop is still a minotaur

  21. Just wondering, why are you a Man U fan in London ?

  22. Where in England are you from Tony?

  23. yes plz

  24. Yes Tony supports United. Glory to united even though they are in 6th.

  25. Why dies everyone disslike coc that it still rocks, best game…

  26. these are the types of Q&A's i like cause tony is so open with us all. great work :)

  27. yes make a fan mail account

  28. can I join you're clan pls

  29. Hopefully enough I want more dead bases for my yummy tummy………..(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. come to cali

  31. I think Clash Royal die first.

  32. Lets do it the fan mail

  33. anyone else notice the voice crack at 0:47

  34. General tony can you tell me how you got those free gems and can u give me some please

  35. I stoped playing it got so boring and I didn't like some of the new stuff they added after th11, they made it too competitive and less fun.


  37. I graduate in 2020 :D

  38. I have stopped playing because clash royal is better

  39. I don't play clash anymore because supercell kinda killed it but I watch fun youtubers like you still

  40. congrats Tony! (:

  41. dude I'm from Bangladesh want to make a Chanel what to do??plz ans?

  42. Whats better for u clash of clans or clash royale

  43. I did not get to ask u a question so what do like about YouTube peace out Tony #tonyrocks